American Pie 7: Book of Love (2009)

Action is still carried a small fictitious town of East Great Falls in Michigan,
and the major action takes place in middle school East Great Falls.
The main three characters are Rob, Nathan and Lube who are virgins, and the school geek.
The goal is to lose their virginity to mature and finally begin to have a sex life, but never fails.
Fortunately for them one day while they were in the school library, find a Bible for the virgin who leads them through a crazy adventure through you need to lose their virginity.
About the Bible to know something from the first part. Began as a sexual manual, purchased in Amsterdam, and ended as a big thick book full of tips they inherit many generations that they expand, and among them were found Kevin Myers, who is the secret of books inherited from his older brother,
Thomas Myers, is assumed that a successor of the book was, and Noah Levenstein.

Runtime: Release - 93 mins
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: John Putch
Starring: Eugene Levy, Bug Hall, Brandon Hardesty, Beth Behrs, Melanie Papalia
Language: English