Frat Party (2009)

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Quality: XViD 640 x 368 @ 990 kbps | MP3 158 kbps
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 1st December 2009
Director: Robert Bennett
Runtime: 84min
Ratings: IMDB: Up 95% ( votes ) | RT: N/A

Synopsis: Randy Wayne stars as Duffy, the former campus king of one-night stands, kinky threesomes and wild Gamma House parties. Now he's fallen in love with super-hot Adriana (Caroline D'Amore of Sorority Row), who trusts him so much that she's allowing him to throw a final blowout on the night before their wedding. But before Duffy can make it to the altar, he'll have to survive one last Banga Gamma bash full of Asian masseuses, horny ex-girlfriends, strip beer-pong, S&M booby traps, the temptations of adult film superstar Jesse Jane, and the rich jerk determined to steal his fianc? away. Jareb Dauplaise (Meet The Spartans), Lauren Mayhew (American Pie Presents Band Camp), and Dan Levy co-star in this unrated, uncensored and unstoppable comedy about true love, raging nudity, and all kinds of happy endings.