Crowley (2010)

Chemical Wedding The Movie (A film by Bruce ~censored~ from Iron Maiden). Edwardian magician Aleister Crowley. Dubbed the wickedest man in the world shocked the establishment with his exploration of sexual magic. Experiments with hallucinogenic drugs and his bizarre occult ceremonies.
Although glorified in his notoriety calling himself THE BEAST 666 Crowley was a sensitive poet a world champion mountaineer a skilled chess player and an expert in occultism. Astonishingly he was also an enthusiast of the new science of quantum physics.
So when a secret experiment goes awary leaving occult obsessive lecturer Professor Haddo believing he is the resurrection of Crowley his masonic counterparts at Cambridge try and put a stop to his progessively wild indulgences in drugs sexual magic and obscene rites. But when Crowleys magic comes into conflict with quantum physics the outcome is extraordinary with one of the most amazing triple twist endings in movie history.