The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings v.2.0 (2011/MULTI2/RePack by-Ultra-) Update 30.09.2011
Year:2011 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: CD Projekt | Publisher: Atari | 8,75 GB
Genre: RPG

Witcher Assassin 2 Kings - the second part of the saga of the white-haired Geralt Witcher, created after the series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, released not only a thrilling story, but also a new game engine, as well as the original combat system based on real-life styles of martial arts and melee weapons possession .

Vague, bad times, shrouded northern kingdoms of the world Witcher 2. Powerful forces that hide under the cloak of darkness, waging a fierce war, in order to increase their influence and power. To persons of royal blood is declared a bloody hunt. Sinking deeper and deeper into the sticky fear of death, the rulers of his troops to pull together, trying to delay the inevitable. But nothing can prevent all new victims. Each new attempt is pushing the world into the embrace of chaos. Now the law they do cruelty and violence ...
Failing to prevent the assassination of King Foltesta, Geralt at the center of the whirlpool of political intrigue, but its primary objective, the witcher, still considers the protection of the life of the monarch. In RPG, The Witcher 2 Assassins kings you will be with White Wolf to unwind on a thread that cunningly devised attempt to figure out whose hand was driven by a mysterious killer.
Boundless realistic world! Witcher Game 2 offers you to plunge into an atmosphere of incredible living their lives in the world! The majestic castle of La Valette open before you its gates, the town of dwarves Verga, surround you hustle and bustle of its streets. The ancient forest will take you under their arches, and will give you their innermost secrets. Waiting for you Flotzam - nodal outpost connecting two kingdoms and castles remote border areas.
Nonlinear, adult, full of history! Your fate is in your hands! Your every decision affects the outcome. More than 40 hours of thrilling adventures, 4 possible endings and 16 early in the game The Witcher 2. From the prologue to the last minutes of the final saturated unpredictable plot will keep you in constant tension.
Dynamic and spectacular battles! Witcher Assassin 2 Kings features a fully upgraded battle system! Your opponents will be many people and monsters. Joining them in the fight, using a variety of techniques tactics - parry, dodge and counterattack. Also, in your arsenal will be a variety of weapons, used on long distances, such as bombs and throwing knives, and magic spells, including a completely new sign - Heliotrope. You will be able to secretly attack and stun enemies, set traps and baits.
The new graphics engine! Even with minimal computer configuration, the engine REDengine, designed by studio CD Projekt RED, provides high quality graphics and performance.
Are you ready to feel for himself, he feels the blade wedged between a rock and a hard place? Do you dare alone to challenge the powers of the world Witcher 2? Do you have spirit?

Heroes do not change. The player will be back in the shoes of the White Wolf - a professional fighter evil witch Geralt, he came down from the pages of a fantasy saga by Andrzej Sapkowski.
A new level of freedom. Three randomly intertwined storylines. From the player's actions depend on each key event leading to one of several alternative endings.
"Alive" world. Every event that happens in RPG The Witcher Assassin 2 Kings are interconnected and form a single chain of cause and effect. Each NPC has its own character and acts by virtue of their beliefs and goals.
Individual style. The player can develop his character, according to his wishes, by combining three parameters - the art of magic, sword and alchemy.
Plenty of options for development. The effects of each skill can be modified, depending on their preferences, with a new system of mutagens. In the game The Witcher 2 can now create nearly two hundred different items - armor, belt, greaves, gloves, and others - using skill Crafts and choose the best equipment.
With sword in hand. Created in the tradition of the first part, an updated battle system Witcher Assassin 2 kings, has more freedom to make tactical decisions and is highly dynamic.

Patch 2.0
Arena .
"Arena" - a new format of gameplay. Mode "Arena" has nothing to do with the main story line game "The Witcher 2." In this mode, Geralt of Rivii enter into mortal combat with a variety of opponents. This happens on gladiatorial arena in an unnamed small town somewhere in the Northern Kingdom. For victory can get the gold and valuables. In addition, each victory brings the player points. Points earned, you can publish on the Internet and compare their own achievements to the success of other fans of "The Witcher". Geralt will meet in the arena not only enemies but friends: some fighters Geralt can hire as assistants. Mercenaries will fight shoulder to shoulder with Geralt and help him as best.

To publish the results of the fighting on the forum, you must register and create an account on the forum! Please register and set up an account using the program to run the game or go to You can then log on through a program run the game.

Attention! If you play with the modifications that alter the properties or characteristics of the characters, publish your results on a server fails. This is done in order to prevent any attempts to violate the rules of fair competition and to avoid abusive and reflect success Player.
The game begins with a short learning adventure in which players get acquainted with the basic principles of game play. Playing as the protagonist, Geralt of Rivii, the player rescues a wounded knight by the name of Bolton. Performing a task, you will learn how to manage a hero, but also learn about the combat system and alchemy. All this information is given, step by step as you complete certain stages of the job. After the final battle at the end of training, the system will recommend the level of difficulty, where you should start the main game "The Witcher 2."
Dark level .
"Dark" level - the most difficult level of play. In this mode, every opponent is a serious danger. This not only increases the level of difficulty of the game: it appears a few sets of weapons and equipment that are connected by a single dark legend, which can be found in "Diary." If all part of one of three armor (armor blasphemer, and Verolomtsa Bratoboytsa) are collected together and put on, they give an extraordinary advantage in battle. Swords of these kits are drinking the life force of enemies, strengthening health witch. However, these armor imposed curse, so the swords out of kits not only help the owner, but also cause him serious damage. Blades will drink up the life force witch until cursed armor kit will be assembled completely.
Changes to combat system.
• Significant changes to the system of impact.
• Now put the blocks can be an unlimited number of times (even if power is left), but the blocks do not reflect the full damage done (after receipt of the skill blocks reduces the impact force is not more than 50%).
• Improved responsiveness to the player. This applies to overstrike, using blocks and ripostes, and more.
• Attacking the opponents do not interrupt the attack witch. Attacks have become more persistent, and shocks enemies now can not stop them.
• Has made a number of fixes that make enemies no longer attack the fallen continuously Geralt. The Witcher is no longer knock over several times in a row. In addition, it now goes faster, dodging the subsequent attacks.
• Geralt not attacking more enemies to whom are other enemies that are closer to the Witcher.
• Improved system of fixing target. Now, preference is given to the objectives that have been highlighted before.
• Improved selection of targets. Now the first warlock deals with enemies, which operates a critical effect. This makes it easier to kill them.
• Geralt no longer makes two additional steps since the attack without the key while holding W, S, A or D.
• Now you can continue to attack even without sandwiched movement keys (eg keys W, S, A, D on your keyboard).
• Now, the attack can be extended if the button is released the battle after the last stroke of the animated series.
• Now you can turn Geralt to 180 degrees immediately after the attack.
• Fixed a number of problems associated with the reaction rate of Geralt the player's actions. No more having to press buttons or keys several times to start the desired action.
• Fixed a problem that occurred when attacking from a distance.
• Now Geralt starts ranged attack (roll forward with a rapid lunge style), if the opponents are at a suitable distance for this.
Other changes and additions.
• The use of multiple bombs no longer blocks further commands from the keyboard.
• The configurator adds the ability to change the format, regardless of the resolution.
• Reduced disk space required for updates.
• Loading a saved game "The Witcher" no longer causes the fly.
• Now, in a cave that leads to Loch Muin, there are more monsters.
• Improved system for regeneration of monsters in the mist (in the second chapter).
• Visual effects that accompany adrenaline surge, no longer disappear before my time.
• Now, at the approach of Geralt faster archers draw their swords.
• Now the magicians, if Geralt throwing knives at them, do not put spells automatically shields.
• The game now pauses when Geralt does finishing moves.
• Fixed a troll in the second chapter. Previously, under certain conditions it was impossible to attack.
• Improved physics throwing knives.
• The scope for throwing knives became more pronounced.
• Fixed death animation Geralt, when he dies, imposing sign Aksy.
• Fixed a bug in the battle against summer. Previously, this character can be killed, quickly throwing the bomb.
• Fixed a bug on a crazy level of complexity. Previously, this level can open saving made when playing with another difficulty, which contradicted the idea of developers.
• Corrected the location and camera control during the fight with keyranom.
• Improved control of the camera while playing with a gamepad.
• Made various changes in the statistics of mutagens.
• The bag filter is added to "junk" that makes it easy to sort the items.
• Fixed a dialog box that appears on the screen when you try to gear to do the impossible action.
• The mini-map of the first chapter was introduced a number of changes.
• Corrected the sound balance in the entire game.
• Fixed a bug that caused the teleportation of an unpredictable character in the mini-games.
• In an animation-related nakerami, made all sorts of changes.
• Fixed a minor error in the job "The smell of incense."
• The entire game has some minor changes in lip sync.
• The training was made by a number of improvements.

System requirements:
? Os: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
? Cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, or something like that from AMD
? Video: Nvidia GeForce 8800 with 512 MB of onboard memory, or something similar from ATI
? Audio: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
? Ram: 2 GB
? Hdd: 21 Gb

Features RePack'a
Do not cut / no recoded
High Textures pack + High Textures Weapons
Patches 1.35 and 2.0
Full and Complete Russian version English version
Any combination of voice-and text (RUS / ENG)
Author RePack: Ultra

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