Agricultural Simulator 2011 Gold Edition - FAM
Language: English
Release Date: Sep-30-2011 | Games/PC | 1 CD ISO | 303.24 MB
Genre: Farmer Simulator

The gold edition contains the original game “Agricultural Simulator 2011” and the add-on “Biogas”.

“In the “Agricultural Simulator 2011” you are in charge of your own farm. Handle the tasks of a classical farmer like cattle breeding and growing grain. Deal with the products of your farm and expand your machinery.
The add-on “Biogas” expands the features of the original game “Agricultural Simulator 2011” by aspects of the green power generation. For that purpose, new expansions, crops and production cycles were added to the original gameplay. Harvest special crops for energy generation and transport those products to the biogas facility. In addition to the energy generation a complete new hay production cycle was added.

Sounds like a lot of work. Indeed, but you can invest your hardly earned money into helpers which can automatically seed and harvest your crops. Like that you can focus on the tasks you prefer and keep an eye on the expansion of your farm. If you do not want to leave the work of real men to these AI-Boys, simply enter the multiplayer mode and let your friends join you. Play with other farmers in the local network or via internet.

This gold package delivers the full farming experience to the gamer. Experience the original “Agricultural Simulator” and the official add-on “Biogas”.


Agricultural Simulator 2011:

* Big game world with valleys and mountains
* Realistic animals and vehicles
* Thrilling career mode with trading functionality
* Day and night sky with configurable change
* Market for animals, seeds and machines
* Gamble with animals, crop and land
* AI-based Helpers
* Joysticks and Gamepads are supported
* Weather effects
* Multiplayer mode supporting network or internet


Add-On Biogas:

* Additional areas in the game world
* New production cycles: Mawing gras and bringing in the hay
* Generate green power using the biogas facility
* New extensions for the vehicles to handle new tasks
* Manufacture corn in the driving silos
* New tasks and challenges
* Complete multiplayer support of all new features

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