Tanker Truck Simulator 2011 - JAGUAR (Full ISO/2011)-FAM
PC | 2011 | ENGLISH | Publisher: Excalibur Publishing Limited | Developer: Excalibur | 425 MB
Genre: Simulation
Oil is the black gold. And you are allowed to deliver it. So take a seat behind the steering wheel of one of the five true to the original tank truck models and start the engine. Satisfy all your customers, but keep a tight time schedule. In addition, handle numerous special jobs and manage your company.
Determine the look and feel of your company and see how your company develops over time. Not only change the look of your vehicles, but also choose between different characters! Control your vehicles and manage your staff. You will be enthused by the variety of details: You can roll out the hoses yourself, adjust the proper pressure, check the fill level and fill or empty the tank.

Fully animated persons with motion capturing/ragdoll and path finding per point & click provide precise action. If you prefer, you can also fully focus on driving and let everything else run automatically! Here, freedom is key. You can drive through the entire gigantic city, including suburbs and villages, at any time. This is how you create your own personal route. But be sure to observe oncoming traffic and stick to traffic regulations!

Many camera modes, including cockpit view, provide a rich game experience. Vehicle maintenance, painting, filling, animated real time displays in the cockpit and much more provide the extra dose of realism.

5 detailed tank truck models such as heating oil or fuel tank vehicles
Gigantic game world with city center, suburbs, industry and highway connection
Fleet administration: Buying and selling tank trucks, changing equipment and accessories
Point & click control of persons with path finding
Fully animated action, such as rolling out the hose, activating pump, etc.
Animated real time display in the cockpit and different camera angles
Different daytime and weather conditions

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor with 2.0 GHz (Dual Core Processor is recommended)
GeForce 6 or equivalent ATI Model with 128 MB RAM
1 GB RAM (2 GB are recommended)
approx. 1,5 GB free hard drive space