Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (2009)

Description: Adventures in the spirit of the monkey island in the Universe Pirates of the Caribbean. Occasion to play as much for three characters: Papa Doc, Jane Starling and Blue Bell. All three have recently become ghosts and are now looking for a road to life. Living people the trio did not see or hear, and move objects ghosts can not. But perhaps there are other ways to give themselves felt alive? They are something you'll have to find.

Game features:
- Exciting story about pirates from the creators of the quest "Vampire Story"
- Ghosts, voodoo magic, pirate curse
- Plenty of humor

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Windows XP x32/x64 / Vista x32/x64
Processor: AMD or Intel Single-Core 1800 MHz
Memory: 1024MB
Video Card: DirectX9-compatible with 256 MB (ATI Radeon 9500 or NVidia GeForce FX Generation)
Audio card: DirectX 9c-compatible
Hard Disk: 4GB