During a live performance in June of 2009 Mayer said, "The album is called Battle Studies and that's because it incorporates a lot of the lessons, a lot of the observations, and a little bit of advice. Like a handbook, like a heartbreak handbook." On October 1, 2009, Mayer posted via twitter: "Track listing on Battle Studies is complete! Very interesting order... 11 songs. 45 minutes. Hit 'em hard and get out."
"Heartbreak Warfare" – 4:30
"All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye" – 4:35
"Half of My Heart" (with Taylor Swiff) – 4:10
"Who says"– 2:56
"Perfectly Lonely" – 4:28
"Assassin" – 5:14
"Crossroads" (Robert Johnson) – 2:29
"War of My Life" – 4:15
"Edge of Desire" – 5:32
"Do You Know Me" – 2:30
"Friends, Lovers or Nothing" – 5:59

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