Mechcommander 2

Mechcommander 2-FLT
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Take charge of a mercenary band of battle-hungry Mechs in MechCommander 2. This fast-paced Mech strategy game features 21 different skill sets and a full Mech bay to give you total control of your forces. Unlike other real-time strategy games, you won't spend your time harvesting resources. In true Mech fashion, you'll capture resources from opposing forces to build your Mech armies, call in air strikes and keep you forces advancing toward victory.

Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT : : Release Date: July 12 :
Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT Game Type: WarGame
Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT Image Format: BIN/CUE

CDS: 1 Protection: CDILLA 2
CD1 archives: 40 x 15 MB CD1: FLT-MC2.001

System Requirements: P II 300, WinAll, 3d vid card, 64 megs ram


* Command enormous BattleMechs - From an orbital dropship, you command up to 16 BattleMechs - from the nimble Raven, equipped with sensors and electronic countermeasures, to the massive Atlas bristling with deadly firepower. Choose from some of the most popular 'Mechs in BattleTech history or opt for one of four new 'Mechs never seen before in the BattleTech universe.
* Put the right MechWarrior in the right 'Mech for the mission -Leverage the unique strengths of each 'Mech and each MechWarrior to create tactical advantages. Customize units and train pilots to create the ultimate pairing of man and machine. You can also use sensor'Mechs to uncover enemy locations, long range 'Mechs to weaken incoming assaults and jump 'Mechs to bypass enemy fortifications.
* Launch extensive, persistent campaigns - Through each successive mission, 'Mech pilots increase their skills, graduating from fresh-faced metal jockeys to elite MechWarriors capable of taking on the most dangerous enemies. You can also take full advantage of emerging weapons, armor and other custom upgrades to ensure their position on the cutting edge of destruction.
* Expanded multiplayer capability - Multiplayer supports up to eight players over the Internet, the or a local area network (LAN).Multiplayer functionality includes new mission types, cooperative play versus A.I. and a quick-start feature to rapidly jump into the action.
* Put a personal stamp on BattleTech - Create your own missions using the same tools employed by the MechCommander 2 level designers.You can create and trade missions with friends over the Internet and on fan Web sites.

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