East India Company (2009)

Type of publication: license
Language: English
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The player will take the lead from eight European maritime powers, struggling for dominance in the Indian Ocean and for power over the colonies in Asia and Africa. In the role of the ruler of the state will need to address global challenges: to manage the economy, direct diplomacy, to promote the construction, to create new trade routes, to enter into profitable alliances to build a powerful fleet of sailing - the word, to do everything to make power in the present mistress seas! When the time comes to test their fleets in the player to personally head the naval battles, taking command of a squadron or acted as captain of a single vessel.

* Multiplayer mode for twelve players
* Different ways to win: to carry out all tasks for its gaming power to destroy competitors and win the entire East India
* Variety of gameplay: the aggressive policy of aggression to subtle diplomatic game or the building trade impact
* A flexible economic system: the prices of the products to dynamically change depending on events in the world
* Ability to create your own "invincible armada", consisting of one hundred ships
* Various multiplayer scenarios, including the deadly sea battle in the "Before the last ship, and strategic control the water area in the" Excellence "
* More than ten types of sailing ships: from the tiny sloop to the 90-gun battleship
* Ability to create custom modifications: adjust the carcass because of the shells and the price of gambling products to replace the texture of ships, and much more