ESSENCE - by PC 28/10/2009

This thread is aimed at conferring people of the 30-99 years age group a strong evidence that this community is a friendly environment for your mind and that you will come across many people of the same age. The concept behind was originally engineered by former administrator HOT TUNA who paid a particular attention to that issue.

It is a popular belief that bulletin boards are mostly made up of people of a certain age group. As you can see we enjoy an amazing diversity. You may be sure that here at Warez-BB all the people whether young and older are very mature, open minded and friendly spirited.

SUBSTANCE - by HOT TUNA 16/07/2008

If you are 30 to 99 years young then I need you to reply with a few simple words, such as "Guilty as charged" LoL. This is important to me, and every member in this age group will help if they reply.

If you are not in the age group please don't post any comments.