English | 2021 | ISBN: B0998WKLMR | 62 pages | PDF,EPUB,AZW3 | 2.29 MB

It is tried to introduce machine learning very easily in this book with python implementation technique. You will find 3 popular machine learning problems and their step by step solutions.

Prediction on iris plants dataset (data is taken from sklearn.datasets)

Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster (kaggle link :Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster | Kaggle )

House Prices Advanced Regression Techniques (kaggle link:House Prices - Advanced Regression Techniques | Kaggle )

In chapter 1, some basic machine learning concepts is defined easily. In chapter 2, popular used
python libraries is introduced. How to install, how to use etc. In chapter 3, Implementation
of ML technique in iris plants dataset. In chapter 4, Prediction of survived and dead based
on Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster data. In chapter 5, Training on House Prices -
Advanced Regression Techniques dataset.

The following steps are done to solve the problems:

Data Preprocessing

Checking data leakage

Handling Categorical variables

Handling missing values

Handling class imbalance

Building model and prediction

Cross validation

Evaluating technique of model

You are cordially invited to read the book.

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