English | 2021 | ISBN : NA | 98 Pages | EPUB, MOBI | 4 MB

Learn hacking techniques with practical examples you can run and modify

Learn the secrets of hackers with practical examples
How to brute force a password using a dictionary

How to predict user sessions and steal data from other users

Directory Transversal: How to steal the passwords file

XSS attack : How to steal the user's cookie

SQL injection: Destroy user data with a well crafted SQL query!

Stack overflow: Force the system to log you in, even with the wrong password

A simulation of the Heartbleed bug: Read hidden & secret data

Heap overflow: Read a secret file you are banned from reading, by overflowing the internal memory buffers

and more:

How to prevent all the attacks above

General principles on writing secure code

How to store passwords safely

How code is compiled, how we go from high level to assembly to machine language.

You will be provided a virtual machine with all the code, so you can start practicing immediately.

Ready to start hacking?

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