English | PDF,EPUB | 2021 | 476 Pages | ISBN : 9811620970 | 70.8 MB

​By means of multidisciplinary research on urban and rural planning, construction engineering, environmental engineering and engineering sociology, this book conducts pioneering research on the construction theory, construction methods, evaluation technology and application of demonstration projects in China's green villages and towns.
The book is divided into three parts and eleven chapters. Part I is about the theory and development of green village and town construction, including the theory and innovation, the evolution and development, the patterns and mechanisms, and the community of green village and town construction. Part II is about the planning and construction methods of green villages and towns, including the plan compilation, the environmental infrastructure construction, and the construction and renovation of green buildings in villages and towns. Part III is about the evaluation of the planning and construction of green villages and towns, including the evaluation of plans, the evaluation of environmental infrastructure construction, the evaluation of green building construction, and the comprehensive evaluation of the planning and construction of green villages and towns. 564 million farmers live in 28,500 towns and 2.452 million villages in China. In 2018 alone, 820 million m2 of new houses were built in rural areas. This proves that China's green village and town construction has great significance and can provide enlightenment to developing countries and even to the world. The book describes new theories, new perspectives and new methods of green village and town sustainable construction in China for overseas experts and readers.

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