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Jacob Marley makes his ghostly debut in the famous A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Marley was such a horrible person that he was doomed to wander the earth for eternity, carrying heavy chains.

In Jacob Marley's Ghost, author Michael Fridgen tells the story of a young Jacob Marley. It explores a host of questions: If Marley was as terrible as he appears, why does he warn Ebenezer Scrooge? Perhaps Marley wasn't always bad? Is there a reason he attempts to scare Scrooge into changing his ways?

During the years before he met Scrooge, Marley grew up in London raised by an adoring father and a horrifying mother. When death comes close to his home, a chain of perilous events begins. Marley is sent away from London on a ship, sold into slavery, and forced to work for one of the most detested men in France. Because he's different, Marley is bullied and tortured. Although he makes some close friends, Marley is eventually forced into an impossible and deadly situation. To survive, he must choose what kind of person he wants to be.

Jacob Marley's Ghost reveals the origins of A Christmas Carol's unforgettable characters while showing who should be praised and who should be boiled in their own pudding.

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