Bernhard Reichert | 2021 | ISBN: 3132429872 | English | 426 pages | PDF | 72 MB

This completely updated third edition of the award-winning Palpation Techniques is a beautifully illustrated guide with clear step-by-step descriptions that teach readers how to identify and distinguish between a multitude of underlying body structures, based mainly on palpation alone. A unique graphic technique using detailed drawings of muscles, bones, and tendons directly on the skin, which come alive in almost 900 full-color photographs along with complementary color illustrations, provides a solid understanding of the functional significance of each anatomic region. The previous edition introduced palpation techniques for the shoulder and included new photos and illustrations for the hand, hip, and foot. This third edition is upgraded with a chapter on the abdominal area and additional subchapters on further starting positions and palpation techniques of the shoulder, elbow, and hip/groin. Many new illustrations accompany these new sections.

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