Prometheus Wakes by David Beers
epub | 346.48 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08ZJY1NWS | Author: David Beers, Michael Anderle | Year: 2021


A lifetime of breeding.
.and the Gigante were slaves.
Could they be freed?
Alistair made a single wrong assumption and now he, Thoreaux, and Caesar battle for their lives in a cruel set of games designed to weed out the weak. Losing means death.
The game's giants aren't the only threat.
The corporation's CEO is hunting them too.
Faced with the horrible reality of an entire race born into servitude, Alistair now only has one option.
Find a way to free them.
.or die trying.
You'll love this epic struggle in Book 4, because the diabolical games they must endure keep you wanting to know what's next.
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Category:Space Fleet Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering Science Fiction eBooks, Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks

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