Jatin Shankar, "Modern Biological Theory and Experiments on Celibacy: Brahmacharya under Microscope"
English | ISBN: 1519070756 | 2016 | 100 pages | AZW3 | 418 KB
Did you know that it has been shown in hundreds of Biology experiments that the rate of reproduction in an animal directly depends upon its rate of aging? If we increase the rate of reproduction, the rate of aging also increases! Did you know that there exist experiments done on male primates proving that ejaculate is costly for them in significant way, in the form of energy? Did you know that if a lactating female lacks some nutrients in her diet; her body erodes itself to enrich her milk so that the offspring does not have to suffer? But the theory of Celibacy is not so simple. For example, 'controlling' your sexual impulse because it 'wastes' energy and that the same energy will make you a 'better' person is not what this book proposes. Such logic has holes in it. Serious holes! For example, suppose a man loses some vital nutrients during ejaculations. The man can easily restore the loss by eating few supplements! It is as simple as that! Why take the pains to practice celibacy? At this point, all debates stop! The supporters of celibacy close their ears and pretend as if they heard nothing and those who attack the concept stare at the supporters with sympathy and irritation! But one question remains- How to explain the experimental data that shows direct relationship between rate of aging and reproduction? It is all chaos now, and nothing makes sense! Let's make it more chaotic- Do you know what happens when we increase the food supplies of a 'well fed' mouse? Its rate of aging remains almost constant while its rate of reproduction increases with the feeding. So no aging benefit of 'extra food' on a mouse! But do you know what happens when we 'decrease' the food supplies? The animal starts aging much 'slower'! Yes, you read it correctly! The lifespan of the mouse 'increases' and its rate of reproduction decreases drastically! So what will happen if a person eats supplements to restore the nutrients lost during sex? What do you think the answer is? Why do you think the answer is this? Don't you think that this is paradoxical and very interesting? Don't you think that to understand the true mysteries of celibacy, we must approach it with a scientific attitude, with commitment to study and do experiments and arrive at conclusions, whatever they may be, and to not let go of any loose ends or unnecessary extra pieces in this jigsaw puzzle. Everything must fit in. If one piece does not fit, every piece must be taken down... ABOUT THE BOOK This book is divided into 3 parts. The first part discusses about a dozen research papers and their data only, without explaining them. I have fully cited every experiment in case you are interested in any of them and want to read the full research. The second part of this book contains an introduction to modern biological understanding of these experiments. It is here that we will be studying the implications of these theories on the philosophy of Celibacy and try solving all the paradoxes to construct a complete theory of Celibacy. The third part of this book deals with few philosophical matters following Celibacy- questioning its necessities and implications on psychology of a person and society. I have used graphs to explain difficult results of many of the experiments and theory to make the concept easier and intuitive to understand. Few curious people may wonder- if we already have the experimental evidence that reducing rate of reproduction slows the rate of aging of an organism, can celibacy stop it? Well, you have asked a very important question indeed. Yes, after thinking about this in a scientific way, I do believe that celibacy, it its true form, may stop aging! And I have strong reasons for what I say, based on firm theoretical arguments and solid experimental data.

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