Black Operations- the Spec-Ops - Eric Meyer
epub | 1.51 MB | English | Isbn:B0772RC7PQ |
Author: Eric Meyer | PAge: 1711 | Year: 2017


7 Full Length Books - Bargain Price
They are the military elite, the Special Forces trained to carry out the toughest operations in the most hostile environments around the world. Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of Black-Ops fiction, has put together seven of his top full-length novels to make a thrilling Spec-Ops BOX SET collection. The set contains the full text of seven full-length Eric Meyer novels. That's right, seven great books! Buy the set today and read this unmissable ACTION PACK collection from start to finish:
Echo Six: Black Ops - Assault on Iran
A raid on a drug trafficker's factory uncovers a secret that sends a chill through the heart of NATO. An Iranian cleric, captured in the raid, tells of a conspiracy at the heart of the Ahmadinejad's Iranian government. A terrorist group, part of the Revolutionary Guard is on a mission to acquire nuclear warheads. Weapons which will enable them to launch a conflict that would threaten the peace and...
Category:War Fiction, War & Military Action Fiction, Action Thriller Fiction

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