Chasing Sunrise A Sweet YA Ene - Sara Jane Woodley
epub | 317.73 KB | English | Isbn:B07RHDNLQ3 |
Author: Sara Jane Woodley | PAge: 294 | Year: 2020


Liana Linacre thought she was in love, but what began as her fantasy romance ended with a curse that threatens her life and everything she loves. Orphaned and alone, she barely escapes the dark forces that want her soul.

Corban Alexander belongs to an ancient order of vampire hunters and wants to kill everyone who is demon-touched. He knows that the creatures who want Liana dead will find her again before long.

Liana must fight if she wants to live, while Corban must decide if he can love a girl who made the one mistake he believes is unforgivable.

No one, mortal or immortal, has ever won against the evil that plagues Liana, but if she and Corban can work together, they might just defy the laws of the universe.
Category:Teen & Young Adult Values & Virtues eBooks, Being a Teen eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Orphans & Foster Homes

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