WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011-FAM
Year: 2011 | English | Platform: Simulator | Developer: THQ | Publisher: THQ | 3.48 GB
Genre: Simulation
Smackdown Vs Raw - all well-known game, which is the publisher THQ. The next game is WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2011 will truly feel like a superstar professional leagues of fighting without rules, giving unprecedented control. The best combat simulator in the world, designed for video game systems, next generation, replete with new features, incredible graphics, highly realistic WWE fights in the ring and outside it.

You will have to become the best fighter in such disciplines as wrestling. The main objective is to eliminate all possible rivals on the way to the first line in the list of the best fighters. The game is equipped with excellent career mode. You will come face to face with the champions, winning their belts. The set also features the regime Story, are called Road to Wrestlemania, where you need to go through the story with one or more competition, performances, etc. You can also create their own soldiers, in time, improve their abilities, fighting techniques and much more.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you have an error then go to the emu itself click on: Settings => Configure (the first) => Looking for CD / DVD Drive (fifth in a row) => Choose Your CDVDolio 0.1.0 (third in a row) = > see below Customize ... Test ... More ... Click to configure => then browse => Looking for a file called iso wwe 2011 (In the game folder) => click OK

Walking arrows =
Strike = F
Hold (Facing the enemy) = B
Get item = q
Counterattack (block) = y
Special reception (super hit) = U
Quickly run = I (hold)
Capture = 8,2,4,6 (arrows)
Taunt = W, F, D, E
Start = ENTER
SELECT = Space