DUNGEONS Steam Special Edition v1.2.2.1 cracked-THETA (2011/MULTI3)
Year:2011 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer:Realmforge Studios | Publisher:Kalypso | 1.25 GB
A mighty hero stalks through a dark, dank dungeon making life miserable for hordes of pitiable monsters as he steals anything and everything not bolted to the floor. Been there, done that - about a thousand times? Then it is time to switch sides and show that hero just who's who in the dungeon! Assume the role of a mighty (and mighty evil) Dungeon Lord and create your own diabolical demesnes underground. Dim-witted goblin workers tremble as they await your orders and dig corridors and rooms into the rock at your command.

Heroes will visit your dungeon in search of battle and treasure. Naturally, you could always just annihilate them with a snap of your fingers. But isn't it more entertaining and deliciously evil to watch them attain their heart's desire - and then take take it ALL away? So throw them a few treasures and some equipment, give them a couple of fights for entertainment and cherish and look after them. And once they are finally happy enough - it's time for the "harvest". For happy heroes have more valuable soul energy for you to gleefully extract from them in your prison or torture chamber!

But even though these self-proclaimed warriors for the good are not much more than an excellent source of resources for you, you still should not underestimate them. If you've beaten up too many of their friends, the powerful and vindictive Champions will occasionally make their way to your Dungeon. Perhaps a small sum could persuade them to forget their moral and ethical principles for once?
In addition to the heroes, you should also always keep an wary eye on the underground. For the competition never sleeps, and other Dungeon Lords would like to claim your territory for themselves. As if that were not enough, another Dungeon Lord lives one level below you who, to top it all off, is also your boss and bombards you with useless tasks! Of course, it goes without saying that malicious and sneaky beings such as yourself are already hard at work trying to take his place!

DUNGEONS - STEAM SPECIAL EDITION includes an exclusive extra mission, all new maps to play in sandbox mode and a variety of unique prestige items to customize your dungeon.
Prestige Items:
- Statue of Horny from Realmforge's "Ceville" game (adds Dungeon prestige)
- Statue of Mr. Sidekick, the loyal advisor of the Dungeon Lord (buffs goblin workers)
- Statue of "Dick Caine" (adds Dungeon prestige)

? Prepare for battle! Lured into his dungeon the heroes of 10 different classes, where they will prowl the darkness 15 types of monsters.
? 20 challenging assignments require you to extreme duplicity. Can you do it and survive - and you'll get a free play mode.
? In the basement there is only one direction - down. Win the three levels of the underworld, destroy their bosses - and become the sole keeper!
? For your service - a dungeon and torture chamber, ready to brave heroes caught you and suck the energy out of their souls.
? Create the dungeon of their dreams (which will be dreaming of heroes in nightmares), where you'll be able to host up to 50 different objects!
? Obedient goblins are ready to create another demon works of art, waiting for your orders!

? Be insidious! Three different Boss Monsters await in order to give you a real hard time. Get rid of them to become the one and only Dungeon Lord!
? Get ready for a fight! 10 different classes of heroes dare to enter your dungeon where 15 different monsters lurk in the dark
? The 17 campaign missions demand your whole cunningness as evil dungeon lord. If you manage to survive them there's still the custom game waiting for you.
? In a dungeons there's only one way: going down. 3 different levels wait to be conquered by you.
? Prison cells and torture chambers are ready for your command and await ?customers?
? Create the dungeon of your dreams with 50 different objects
? Wimpy goblin workers await your commands and create the dungeon after your wishes.

Including "Into the Dark" DLC Pack:
The first DLC pack for the critically acclaimed evildoer game Dungeons delivers new challenges for wannabe dungeon lords. Heart Into the Dark is the new campaign map Flowerdale, in which players have to deal with with ever new waves of heroes. The pack also includes ten new maps for the game modes survival, soul survival, sandbox and amusement and twenty new prestige items.
? Twenty new prestige items
? New campaign map Flowerdale
? Ten new maps for sandbox, survival, soul survival and amusement

Including "Map Pack" DLC:
Go deeper underground with the new DLC for Dungeons! The Dungeons DLC 2: Map Pack introduces 50 new maps for all game modes and also contains 5 wallpapers to customize your desktop in the most evil way possible!
? 50 new maps
? 5 wallpapers

System requirements:
? Windows XP/Vista/7
? DirectX 9c
? 2 GHz
? 2 GB RAM

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