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Product:Altair EDEM
Version:BulkSim 2021.0 Professional
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :EDEM - The leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:PC *
Size:467.6 mb

DEM, the market leader in Discrete Element Method (DEM) technology for bulk and granular materials simulation has released a new version of EDEM BulkSim 2021.0 software - a specialized tool for designing and optimizing transfer points and chutes in the mining industry.

EDEM BulkSim 2021 Release Notes[/b]

Altair Units Licensing
EDEM BulkSim 2021 introduces a new licensing system utilizing Altair Units. Both the EDEM BulkSim Legacy (Sentinel) and the Altair Units licensing systems will work with EDEM BulkSim 2021.
The Altair License Manager is available through Altair One.
The Altair Units license system draws Units from a central pool to activate different features as necessary. The Units work across a large range of Altair products and the number of Units drawn varies depending on product, features and what other Unitsare already in use. Within EDEM BulkSim, Unit draw will depend on factors such as number of CPU cores used, or GPU devices selected.
Support JT CAD Files
Intergraph JT CAD files (*.jt *.xml) are now supported for Equipment Part import.
Support inventor CAD Files
AutoDesk Inventor CAD files (*.ipt *.iam) are now supported for Equipment Partimport.
Add micrometer option to units
Micrometers have been added as a Length unit to the interface. Micrometer based units have also been added for Acceleration, Velocity and Volume. Units can be selected through Tools > Options > Units.
Merge geometries directly from the Creator tree
Merging geometries can now be achieved directly from the Creator Tree. Highlighting all the geometries which should be merged and selecting merge will merge all the geometries. The shortcut Shift+M will also achieve the same result.
Display particle Generator domain for GPU engine
The Multi-Sphere GPU engine uses a domain around the Generator, particles within this domain are calculated using the CPU. Improved Generator settings (fewer particles in this domain) can lead to significant speed improvements. The Generator domain will now be visible in the EDEM BulkSim Creator interface. Allowing visual inspection of the Generator domain to assist in defining efficient factories.
Grouping geometries together in creator and analyst
Equipment Part groups can be created in the EDEM BulkSim creator in order to help manage and organize the Analyst and Creator trees. Equipment Part groups are added through the creator context menu and deleting an Equipment Part group will delete all the Equipment parts contained in the Equipment groups. Equipment parts can be imported directly into Equipment Part groups.
HyperMesh Data Export: Equipment Part contact export
HyperMesh Export dialog has been expanded to include an additional option based on the Particle-Equipment Part contact points. This option provides exporting of the force at the contact points rather than the existing capability which takes the forces per triangle element. This removes any mesh dependency but may result in a significantly larger data file.
Particle stress coloring in the EDEM BulkSim Analyst
Particles can be colored by Stress, Axial Stress and Von Mises stress attribute in the Analyst. This is similar to other coloring options and can be applied to all particle visualization types.
Altair Install Path
The default installation path for EDEM BulkSim has changed to C:\Program Files\Altair\2021\EDEMBulkSim2021. The folder for EDEM BulkSim is no longer added to the path environment variable as of EDEM BulkSim 2021. Users will have to include the full path to EDEM BulkSim executable to run it from the command line.
Add SpaceMouse support (a 3dconnexions product)
Support for 3dconnexion's SpaceMouse has been added to the software. This allows users to modify the 3D viewer using a SpaceMouse. This can be configured in the EDEM BulkSim options menu.
Dark Theme Improvements
Improvements have been made to the Dark theme version of the EDEM BulkSim Interface.
Material Modeler License Feature Removed
The Material Modeler License feature has been removed. This allows all users to create and generate material models. EDEM BulkSim will now open with material modeler available by default.

EDEM BulkSimhas been developed for engineers designing transfer points used in mine operations and minerals processing plants, such as conveyors, chutes, stockpile reclaimers, and material feed and discharge chutes in comminution circuits. Although such systems account for a small percentage of the infrastructure cost of a plant or mine, poorly-performing transfer points are often responsible for significant operational challenges, resulting in unplanned down-time, reduced throughput, and lost productivity.

EDEM BulkSim simulation enables engineers to evaluate and verify the design performance of transfer points and chutes. By predicting bulk material flow and interaction with equipment components, it enables design engineers to identify and remedy potential problems in a design, such as material build-up and blockage, flow dispersion, spillage, size segregation, and excessive belt and chute wear - before commissioning. EDEM BulkSim has been designed for easy deployment across teams and includes a suite of out of the box visualization and analysis tools for both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of transfer points designs.

The latest version of the software includes a range of enhancements as well as increased capabilities and performance.

EDEM BulkSim simulation software for transfer chute design & performance verification

Altair is a global technology companythat provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Product:Altair EDEM
Version:BulkSim 2021.0 Professional
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :EDEM - The leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:PC *
Size:467.6 mb


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