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The Rubicon, from Canadian Eurorack wizards Intellijel, is an analog triangle core VCO, capable of thru-zero frequency modulation. Originally created by Dave Dixon, it is rightly considered an analog VCO design masterpiece.

Now offered as an officially licensed expansion for Softube Modular, the Rubicon is ideal for experimenting with FM synthesis - broadly speaking, the modulation of one audible waveform with another - and can create very complex and detailed sounds, both harmonic and inharmonic.

Made for Modular, Softube's Eurorack platform.
High precision emulated Triangle core
Switchable linear and (for the first time in any module) exponential TZFM (through-zero FM)
Linear index VCA for dynamic control of TZFM depth
Symmetry control (full clockwise is normal, full counter-clockwise gives reversed waveforms, centered the VCO is at 0 Hz) with CV
12 primary waveform types: sine, sigmoid, double sigmoid, triangle, saw, double saw, zigzag, square, pulse (center modulated), pulse (edge modulated), double pulse
Suboctave circuit with -1 and -2 octaves. The suboctave output is affected by fm just like the main signals
Soft sync (also known as reversing sync) with attenuator
Hard sync with selectable reset direction (determines if the triangle starts moving up or down after a reset, very useful in LFO mode)
Pulse-width modulation and exponential FM with dedicated attenuators


Whats New:
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