1. All posts must be written in English.
  2. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
  3. No spamming in General Sections.
  4. Use the search for Finding the download you need.
  5. Do not hijack, go off topic, bump or post mirror links in threads.
  6. Do not bump a post within 24 hours of its original post time.
  7. Advertising in any form is not allowed.
  8. Political or Religious signatures are not allowed.
  9. Links to other warez sites in images/links/passwords within your post are not acceptable.
  10. Moderator/Admin decisions are final.


  1. Threads must be submitted to the relevant forums. Please read the forum titles / descriptions before posting.
  2. Thread titles must be descriptive.
  3. The only language spoken or written on this forum is English unless within "Other languages" forums.
  4. Never Post the same thread twice.
  5. Posting live links is not against the rules but we recommend using QUOTE tags for better presentation of the topic.
  6. If you're posting something that requires a crack, key generator, patch links or serial numbers, you must post it within the post.
  7. Post into the appropriate section. Movies in the movie section, games in the games section. Posts in the wrong section will be moved or deleted at the discretion of the Staff.
  8. Download links No on Shorturl (ex: pastebin, adfly, linkbuck service) or related.
  9. we do not accept posts with links that can only be downloaded with premium account leaving no option to download free.
  10. All posts should have a screenshot /thumbnail ( 320 px width or less )

If you find any member violating our Rules, please inform a Staff Member via PM for further action.

More Rules will be added soon if needed.

Thank you,