vBulletin 4.2 is a major feature release that delivers user requested functionality to both the vBulletin 4 Suite & Forum products. vBulletin 4.2 contains only feature changes and issue fixes related to those feature changes.

The release contains:

Activity Stream - VBIV-13946
Navigation Manager - VBIV-8393 & VBIV-3058
Members who have Visited Today - VBIV-14582
Cron-based Batch Email Sending - VBIV-14583
UserCP Reputation Display - VBIV-14584
Reputation Notification - VBIV-14585
User Profile Reputation Display - VBIV-14586
Who has Read a Thread - VBIV-14587
Doublepost Prevention - VBIV-14588
Enhanced Reputation Checks - VBIV-14651
Updated Readme.
Integration with Post Release - Company Website