Ok. Few Steps to setup your VPS-CPANEL:

1 - Login to your VZMC and get inside your server
2 - Create a new VPS with the Sample Ve Config call vps.cpanel
3 - Select the ips you want to use in that VPS and the dns servers.
4 - Select RedHat Enterprise Template (not minimal)
5 - Dont select any addon.You dont need it for cpanel.
6 - Select the Space / Memory / CPU . All the normal stuff of your normal VPS. Put Start on boot and the rest of the normal stuff. Rememeber to use unlimited VPs.
7 - Go to your Ev1 Member section, open a ticket with your IP / and root password and request ev1 to get your VPS register in up2date. CHECK IT IF IT IS WELL CONFIGURE!! JUST IN CASE.
8 - Go in ssh and do the following steps:
mkdir /home/cpins
cd /home/cpins
wget http://layer1.cpanel.net/latest
sh latest

This should install cpanel without asking you any questions.