Hello! starting a new blog might be hard sometimes or maybe you are new to webmastering? anyways in this tutorial i will help you out whit following things

1.Buying a domain
2.Getting a trustable host
3.Download and Installation of WordPress
4.WordPress Configurations
5.SEO Configurations

Buying a Domain

Buying a domain is very simple

I have a few tips for Domain Providers Below


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Buying Hosting

I can say as much as there are not many trustable hosts on wJunction so you probably should stay away from them.

You should follow this steps when buying a hosting:

Research first:
Before you buy or lease any hosting plans from any web hosts, make sure that you research them first, do not base your decisions on shallow entities, such as cosmetic (how their website looks) or how many members are recommending the host.

While the mentioned factors could be a positive thing, but it's not definite, and it certainly does not mean the web host is up for the task.

Research, look at the services, try to interact with them to see if they're professional with their services or is it just a host started as a hobby, which also doesn't mean it's bad.

Know your limits:
Before you lease a hosting plan, you also need to understand that there are limits. If you lease a shared hosting plan, don't expect to get a top notch service, because that's exactly what it is, shared, it also means limited, no matter how any host advertises shared as "unlimited", it really isn't.

Understand your rights:
Also, you need to read the host's terms of service and policy, to make sure that the host agrees to host the type of website or script you're going to use. If you don't read it or research, you'll be risking your data and having your account suspended. If you can't find any pages on their website that explains their terms, contact them and ask them for it, know your rights.

Duration and age:
Seniority is some what important with web hosts, there are many web hosts that are newly started then after a couple of months either get sold or shutdown for whatever reason, that also might lead to trouble, so always go with seniority, a web host that existed for a reasonable amount of time and indicates stability.

Beware though, sometimes seniority isn't always a definite positive factor, as changes can occur to well established web host.

Always backup:
There are so many tools, scripts and applications out there that help you backup your files, use them on a regular basis, or automate a backup system via a cron job, if you don't know how to, ask for help or research it. It is very easy to find tutorials if you search the forums or even Google.

The conclusion here is you must always be prepared, sometimes hosting failures cannot be controlled, such as hardware failures, if you weren't prepared then you basically lost your website and will have to start all over again.

Leasing a hosting plan is not just a one way responsibility (the web host's), it's your responsibility as well, don't expect for anyone else to protect or preserve your data for you, always expect the worse and prepare for it.

for a starter only shared hosting is neccesary but if you gain alot of traffic you might consider an upgrade to a VPS/Dedicated Server.

Note: if you're going for a Warez blog, do remember to buy Offshore hosting from either Netherlands or Russia!

Download and Installation of WordPress

If you're hosting provider has Fantastico then all you need to do is to quick install wordpress. if your host does not provide fantastico you can get wordpress from their official site!

WordPress › Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS "Download the latest Version"

Im not going to explain how you install wordpress, if you dont know that then i think you got nothing to do here.. GOOGLE IT

WordPress Configurations

First of what you need is a template. Go to "Appearence" Tab on the admin menu. Then click on Install Theme.

Now just filter you're search for what you are looking for in your template and click on search!

There will pop up alot of different themes, when you found the one you want simply click on "Install" and when its done installing it should ask you if you want to activate. Just click on the "Activate" link

Now you should spice up your template a little whit a fresh logo.

"PM me if you want a logo i offer such a service myself "

Now set up some categories and pages and what else you want and you're ready to go!

SEO Configurations

What you need now is a few plugins that will help you SEO you're Site!

Got to AdminCP -> Plugins -> Add New -> Populare

And look for All in One SEO Pack and hit "Install"

When the installation is done, activate the plugin and go through the easy configuration whit site name, description and tags.

Then go back to Plugins -> Add New

and search for YQL Auto Tagger and hit "Install" when you find it! this plugin will automaticly suggest alot of tags for you're post, generated out of keywords from your post text

The final step!

Go to: AdminCP -> Settings -> Permalinks

Then select Custom Structure and type: "/%postname%/" Whitout the quotes!

Good Luck! <3<3<3<3<3