Complete DVD Ripping Guide Using Handbrake

Hi guys this is a simple guide to rip DVDs using Handbrake an easy and useful s/w to rip DVDs

Handbrake is the Simple GUI used to Rip DVDs it gives good output quality too.

Requirements :

1.Download Handbrake Here
2.Vlc Player (or) Quicktime Video Player to Preview ur output video using Handbrake

Procedure :

1.Install Handbrake and open it

2.Select source ----> DVD/Video_TS Folder

3.Now select ur Video_TS Folder and click 'ok' and wait for a while in this time it scans the video

4.Click on Browse and Select ur destination folder

5.Select ur output video container as mkv r mp4

6.In the picture tab check 'Anamorphic' as None and Delselect 'Keep Aspect Ratio' ,Now u can select ur desired Resolution

7.Select Automatic for cropping or else u can set manually

8.In Filters tab u can select ur filters if u know how to use them otherwise leave them

9.In Video select ur output video codec as X264 (or) Mpeg-4 , set frame rate 'same as source' , u can select the movie size r else u can set bitrate , i select 700MB like in screenshot

10.In Audio tab select ur Audio source ,select ur output audio codes as AAC (or) AC3 ,select Sample Rate as Auto ,u can select ur desired audio bitratrate

11.At last click on preview on top to view ur output video it will encode a small clip for preview u can view sample through VLC player or else with Quick Time Player

12.After preview if everything is fine click on start at top it starts encoding ur video n audio