In this guide we will go through every minor detail concerning the methods of getting your warez up and running for every forum member to see and download. If you have a question that would like to be answered, please PM me and I will add the answer to this thread. This has taken me hours to write so please give me any suggestions in a well-mannered way.

#1.1 - Getting Started

I decided to start this guide by sharing a couple of Urbandictionary's interpretations of the term 'Warez'. Illegal pirating of Software, Video, Audio. all copyrighted material that has been cracked (remove Timebomb, cd-key algorith, CD Verification etc...) and then released by a group or iND (iNDEPENDANT) in such a form as

WAREZ a term used by software pirates use to describe a cracked game or application that is made available over the Internet, usually via FTP/IRC/P2P, often the pirate will make use of a site with lax security. Widely used in cracker subcultures to denote cracked version of commercial software, that is versions from which copy-protection has been stripped. Hackers recognize this term but don't use it themselves. The WAREZ mentality discussed in this article connotes the mindset of the hackers/crackers who make this copyrighted media available.

pirated software. it's technically illegal but theres so many hundreds of thousands of people downloading every second of every day that the chances of getting caught are like dropping litter on the sidewalk; we have probably all done it and as long as you aren't a blatant ~censored~ and use some common sense you'll be fine.

Technically all of these definitions are correct. Warez are just multimedia files that are ripped of their copyright and uploaded for the world to download. Keep in mind that piracy is one of the most destructive form of data-sharing, so much so that thousands of companies go bankrupt simply because they aren't getting enough revenue and turn it into profit, so if you have some money to spare, please get the original version of the application.

#1.2 - Preparing Your Warez For Upload

One of the main disadvantages of warez is that they tend to be quite large, especially when dealing with Games and HD Movies. Unless you manage to rip games (Take off unnecessary content in order to decrease the file size), you will always have a range of between 3GiB-12GiB when dealing with large media files. A very good way to decrease the file size is to compress the files. Compression is another long process when dealing with huge media files, and the smaller you want the file size to be, the longer compression will take. Hopefully you have a powerful CPU, stronger processors will decrease the waiting time when compressing files, so its recommended to have at least 2.4Ghz of processing power if you're intending to become a game/movie uploader.

  • #1.2.1 - Compression Process

    The best way to compress files is to use a reliable compression software, such as WinRar or 7zip. In this guide I will be using WinRar as it is the leading compression software thus it is recommended to use as your clients will probably already have it installed in order for them to decompress for their use.

    So, today I will be uploading a 13MB Wallpaper Pack, consisting of 25 High-Quality Anime Wallpapers. I made sure that I named the picture-files correctly and then added them to a folder. To create a compressed folder of the file, simply Right Click The Folder > Add To Archive (To enter the Advanced Settings Control Panel) Or Add To "Name.rar" (To use the default settings) [As Shown In Fig. 1]

  • #1.2.2 - Archive Properties Dialogue Box

    When pressing the "Add To Archive" option, a dialogue box will open up where you will be able to maintain control on how the archive (compressed files) will look like/function. As shown in the image below [Fig. 2], there are 7 tabs, but only 2 will be useful to us right now, considering that we're only going to cover the basic details.

    #1 Archive Name

    This is the name your archived file will hold. You can change it later on, but remember that the most efficient way is to do it from here, since renaming multiple archives after they are divided into smaller parts would simply take a long time to rename one-by-one (We will be discussing archive division in the next point). It is also recommended to write in random characters so that the file hosts wouldn't recognise that the uploads are warez and kill the files from their servers. This trick should extend the file's availability by quite some time.

    #2 Volume Splitting

    This is quite a nifty feature that's especially useful for uploaders that use file-sharing websites that have a filesize limit. This option allows you divide the archive into several parts according to the file size you would like each part to be. Note that if you write numbers without the appropriate suffix (kb/mb/gb), it will treat the numbers as bytes. We will discuss the recommended volume sizes later on when comparing filehosts.

    #3 Recovery Record

    Yet another impressive feature. Unfortunately recovery records aren't as popular as they deserve to be. This feature allows the uploader to store a small amount of "Backup" data in the archive itself just in case the compressed file gets damaged while being transferred through the net. You can enable this feature in the General Tab, but the cool part is in the Advanced Tab. Here you can choose how much backup the WinRar should "Install" in the archive. The data that is most vulnerable to damage gains the highest priority when a percentage is assigned. The higher the percentage you assign, the less the chance you can end up with a corrupt archive when extracting. The downside to this feature is, again, the file size. The higher the percentage you assign to the archive, the bigger the resultant archive will become. I suggest assigning around 10% to those large media files, more than that would simply be unnecessary

    #4 Password

    This is quite a simple feature. You simply type in the desired password in the text box and your password will be encrypted into the archive. Whenever another person tries to open it, a pop-up will force him to enter the password (which hopefully you will remember to provide) in order to continue with the decompression/extraction.

#1.3 - Mass Virus-Scanning

Some uploaders like proving that their uploads are 100% free of viruses. Although this isn't required it can be easily done by going to the following website and uploading the file for the server to scan. The procedure's length varies according to the filesize. I don't recommend this for large games as it will take ages, but when uploading warez, a virus scan would be quite a nice addition to the warez thread. The Anti-Virus engine that I recommend using is called Virus Total, this engine tests your file using 40 anti-virus programs (NOD32, AVG, Kaspersky, etc). The results will then be available for copying onto your thread after the scan is finished. Jotti is another anti-virus engine. Its not as efficient as Virus Total (only 19 scanners) but it does provide a somewhat interesting GUI. Here's the link to the Scanning Engine.

#1.4 - Uploading To File Hosts

This is probably one of the most controversial discussions on Warez-BB. Which file host should I upload my files onto? If you want to share uploads with ease, a premium account is always highly advisable. Obviously most people can't afford to buy a premium plan for every file host, so which one should you side with and give them your precious cash to take care of your files *Cough*? The answer? You decide. In this guide I will only cover the Rapidshare and Megaupload hosts as they are the most popular file hosts on Warez-BB. Even though I've been using Rapidshare for years, I personally think that MU is definitely the winner after RS's major policy changes. Anyway, I'm assuming that you've already decided on a preferred file hosting website without my rant.

  • #1.4.1 - General Info About Rapidshare

    During the past years rapidshare has been completely transformed from top to bottom. Policies changed, transfer rates and limitations have changed and even waiting time for free users has also changed. To be honest, rapidshare does offer one hell of a fast service, but the limitations are increasing to those that don't have a premium account, which is quite frustrating.

    A current 30-Day premium account will cost you approximately 7 Euro, but if you're a die-hard rapidshare fan, its well worth the price. Its only 25 euro cents pricier than megaupload but the difference is quite significant. Personally I currently only own a rapidshare account, and even though I am quite satisfied, I feel that rapidshare is falling down the drain while their competitor is getting stronger thanks to the massive amount of RS haters.

    #1.4.2 - How To Choose The Right RS Server For Your Location

    As you might have noticed there are 6 main Rapidshare Servers. I suggest looking at the pictures below and then judge as to which server would be your best bet. As a practical note, the closer the server is to you the faster the transfer speeds will be when using that server, this might not always be 100% true as when servers are crossing large oceans (i.e. The Atlantic), they tend to become somewhat slower due to the huge gap from one side of the switch (which is usually on land) and the other, which is on the other side of the ocean. So as long as you're not near a huge ocean, the rule mentioned above should probably be ignored.

    Here's the list of server locations (remember, the closer the cables, the faster)




    Level (3)

    Deutsche Telekom

    Tata Communications

    #1.4.3 - Uploading To Rapidshare Via Your Browser

    When using your browser to upload a media file (only recommended for small files) make sure that you turn off any firewalls/anti-viruses that you think may interfere with the upload process. The upload speed is usually significantly lower than the download speed, so just because you may have an awesome download speed, there's a chance that your upload speed will send you to the land of shame.

    Once your files are ready for uploading, go to the link provided below and follow the instructions shown in Fig. 3


    RapidShare – Secure Data Logistics

    NB: The file size limit in Rapidshare is currently 200mb so when archiving your files set the volume split to "200MB" when you're dealing with larger warez.

    NB: It is quite common to see the phrase "Unlimited" in the KB counter, this is a harmless bug, your upload isn't ruined and it doesn't take longer than usual, its just a graphical bug.

    NB: This is the upload details for free users. There's a 10-Downloads limit, and if the file isn't downloaded after 90 days, it will be automatically deleted from the server.

    #1.4.4 - Uploading To Rapidshare Via RapidUploader

    RapidUploader is a fairly new application that can be downloaded for free (link provided below). This software is only compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Users so if you're running on Vista try out Rapidshare Manager (Link also provided). Upload managers are strongly recommended for those multiple upload jobs where you would sometimes need to upload 10 files at a time. At a time like that, even a simple queuing system would look like a miracle.

    Rapid Uploader (Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP)
    Rapidshare Manager (Vista Only)
    Before you start uploading using RapidUploader you'll probably notice that its default language is set to German. You can easily change this option in the settings (there's a big British flag if you want it changed to English).

    Uploading Is fairly simple in this program, simply click on the Add button in the Upload Tab and click Open after choosing the correct file.

    NB: Upload Progress should refresh every couple of seconds so don't be alarmed if the upload looks like it froze.

    NB: When upload ends, go to the Log tab, right click the completed download in the list and go to Copy > Download Links

    #1.4.5 - General Info About Megaupload

    Well, to be honest I don't know much about megaupload. I did upload multiple large files onto their servers to see how it compares with rapidshare, and the results were quite unexpected for me. A 200MB movie file took 10 minutes less to upload on megaupload with my crappy 40Kb/s upload speed (Yes I was on my premium on Rs and on a free account on MU). One of the biggest Megaupload feature is probably the 1Gb file size limit. Compared to RS's crappy 200MB limit megaupload is a safe haven for uploading addicts.

    #1.4.6 - Uploading To Megaupload Via Your Browser

    I love how sleek MU's website layout is. It may not be as simple as RS's but its much more attractive. To go to megaupload's website simply follow this link and you'll find yourself uploading warez before you know it


    All you need to do is press browse, select the desired file from the OS Dialogue box that shows up, and press ok. On the second text box you will be asked to enter a description, this may be useless sometimes, but yet it's still a requirement. If its a warez file I suggest changing the description into something random so that MU won't suspect anything (unless you are reported).

    After you press "send" a loading bar will show up, wait till it reaches 100% and after that the verification progress will begin, its a relatively short process so it won't take too long.

    As shown in Fig. 10, when the verification progress ends you will be given a somewhat short link. Just copy that into your clipboard and paste it in your thread (which we will be making soon).

    #1.4.7 - Uploading To Megaupload Via Mega Manager

    Firstly, you can download Mega Manager from the link below. As far as I know it is compatible with all windows versions (Will Probably Work On Windows 7). Unlike RapidUploader, this program requires installation instead of just being an .exe file, but the GUI is simply amazing and the program runs quite smoothly.

    Mega Manager Download Link

    As shown in Fig. 11, after installing finishes and you run the program, you will be directed to the main MM tab, simply click on the upload tab and add the warez file you want to the queue by following the steps mentioned in the above picture. Personally I never use the "From Email" and "To Email" feature, but it might come in handy someday.

    Once download finishes, follow the instructions as shown in Fig. 12 to get to the download link. Once you've copied the link, simply paste it in the warez thread (which we will be making) and close Mega Manager.

#1.5 - Making The Warez Thread

#1.6 - Choosing The Appropriate Forum

One of the mods' most irritating problem is dealing with members that post their warez threads in the wrong section. To be honest the picture above can't be easier to understand, but I'm gonna be explaining every Category/Sub-Category in detail as to avoid any more confusion.

  1. 1. The Apps Section| In this section any rippped programs that are compatible with Windows should be posted here. If you have a program bundle, pack or an All-In-One file post it in the All-In-One (AIO) section. If you managed to leak some content from a beta program, or you simply want to share a link to a freeware program, please post the thread in the Freewares and Betas section.

    2. The Games Section| In this section any game-related software should be posted here. If you have a game doesn't run on the Windows but on another specific OS, please post it in the Mac and Other OSes section. If you have a console game that you ripped from a CD please post it in the Console Games subforum. [Use Tags In This Forum And Region Tags (PAL/NTSC/Region Free) In The Console Games Section]

    3. The Movies Section| In the movies section you can post links for any types of movies (excluding porn), when uploading movies try to post the quality of the movie as writing "HQ" would gain you a small boost in downloads. If you upload soaps or tv series make you you post them in the TV Shows Catergory. If you have anime/manga movies/episodes you can post them in the Anime section. [Use Tags In This Forum]

    4. The Music Section| If you have a single or album that you would like to share with us post it here. Soundtracks are also accepted here. If you have a music video feel free to post them in the Music Videos section.

    5. The Templates and Scripts Section| In this section you can post rips/collections of templates, scripts, icons, fonts, wallpapers, screensavers, etc. Please name the thread appropriately so that everyone would understand the exact containments of the thread. If you have a template rip you can post it in the dedicated Template Rips section.

    6. The eBooks Section| If you have an eBook link that you would like to share with us, this is the right place to do so. eManuals would also be accepted in this section. If you have an audio book post it in the Audio section. If you would like to share a tutorial regarding almost anything there's a dedicated section called the Tutorials sub-forum.

    7. The Mac and Other OSes Section| If you have a program that's been made specifically for use with an OS that isn't Windows, you can post it here. it would be for the best if you posted warez (apps/games) for Linux/Mac in this section instead of the apps/games section. Any iPod applications should also be posted in here.

#1.7 - Posting A Topic

After choosing the appropriate topic (In my case, the Templates and Scripts tection) navigate to the "New Topic" button at the top of the forum and you will be redirected to the thread posting page.