EasyMemberPro is a feature-packed membership script.

* Powerful Built-In Content Management System (CMS) with WYSIWYG editor - No HTML / PHP skills required (ability to paste in HTML from other editors is also possible)
* Automatic signups, renewals and cancellations - hands free operation!
* Powerful affiliate system - members promote your site for you!
* New members pay extra for previous months content - stop members grabbing all your content and then unsubscribing!
* Offer FREE memberships and then Upsell to paid - make more money on the backend and grow your subscriber list!
* Optionally offer your new members a "one-time" offer - generate extra income!
* Accept credit/debit cards with Paypal & 2Checkout - the two most popular payment gateways which do not require a merchant account
* Secure password-protected member's area so no-one gets in and steals your content
* Easily change the header/footer/background graphics and set nav bar colours of your website using point and click - make your site unique and stand out from the crowd
* Preview your content pages before they go live - avoid embarrassing mistakes
* Offer your members multiple subscription terms (1/3/6 or 12 month recurring payments or a "one time" lifetime membership option) - payment flexibility will make your members happy
* Email automatically sent to site admin when new member joins
* Email automatically sent to affiliate if the member was referred by an affiliate when new member joins
* All emails sent by the script to members/admin/affiliates are easily editable using the admin tool - pre-written emails are provided but fully customizable
* Members can retrieve their password using the built in "forgot password" link - less admin work required
* Send email bulletins to your members OR affiliates any time you want - send special promotions and explode backend sales or just keep in touch with your members!
* Easily add/edit/search members using the admin tool - you can manually add members for example JV partners/test accounts without them having to join
* Setup promotional tools for your members/affiliates including pre-written emails, email subject lines and graphics. Graphics automatically include the affiliate's ID so they can copy and paste a HTML snippet on their website to display your graphics/banners
* Members/affiliates that have reffered other members can view their statistics at any time in their member's area
* Pay your affiliates by Paypal Mass Pay or print our a spreadsheet for check payments.
* Offer your members/affiliates a percentage of each sale OR a fixed amount of each sale. You can even specify a custom percentage for JV partners for whom you want to receive higher commissions.
* Multiple currency support so you can run a membership site in most countries, including USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, France etc
* Export members or affiliates into a CSV file for manipulation in other programs such as Microsoft Excel
* Link to any 3rd-party forum such as PHPBB or VBulletin from the member's nav bar
* View useful statistics in your admin panel for how many members you have, how many have joined/cancelled in last day/week etc