Microsoft Office ProPlus 2010 SP2 VL x86 en-US Baseline
1.43 GB
Since there is no official Office 2010 ProPlus with SP2 in either retail or VL, I've created one using the original volume image for Office 2010 ProPlus and the Office 2010 SP2 KBfile.


File Name:
SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2010_64Bit_Englis h_MLF_X16-52545.ISO
Size: 810 MB
Sha-1: 2EA4241171B974463BCD9B4617111B46B981C238

File Name:
Size: 730 MB
Sha-1: 3C6BA45D793BCC69DD945C29CE79573415704C75

The Process is simple. you take the *en-us.msp, *none.msp, and proof-es-es.msp,
files and stuff them in the updates folder of the VL disc. You then re-ISO it using oscdimg. It's not important to use oscdimg, but it makes a higher quality source file IMO since the files will be in the appropriate location every time given the same parameters. In my case the parameters were only using -u1 which enables both old 8.3 iso format and new UDF format. This is standard for MS discs.

How to activate: The default key is set to the gVLK. You *Can* enter a MAK if you wish. The process would be something like this: cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx cscript ospp.vbs /act (Activate Online your MAK)

I've included a link to Microsoft Toolkit. You should be able to use MTK to activate this on any OS. You need .Net 4.x installed to use it.

This version has no updates and is meant to be used as a patch source to save bandwidth every month for people who like to have a current version with all the MSP hotfixes included. You can use this as-is or patch it to a newer version when I release them.

murphy78 - ISO Design, Integration, Testing

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