[UP]The Vampires Assistant (2009)

Source:Cirque Du Freak The Vampires Assistant TS READNFO XVID - IMAGiNE
File Name: The.Vampires.Assistant.[TrueTS]2009-Drav3n.avi
Base Type (e.g "AVI"): AVI(.AVI)
Subtype (e.g "OpenDML"): OpenDML (AVI v2.0),
Interleave (in ms): 40
Preload (in ms): 522
Audio alignment("split across interleaves"): Split
Video Codec Type(e.g. "DIV3"): XVID
Video Codec Name(e.g. "DivX 3, Low-Motion"): XviD ISO MPEG-4
Duration (hh:mm:ss): 1:42:26
Frame Width (pixels): 624
Frame Height (pixels): 272
Pixel Aspect Ratio ("PAR"): 1.000
Frames Per Second: 25.000
Video Bitrate (kbps): 1200
Audio Codec (e.g. "AC3"): 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Sample Rate (Hz): 44100
Audio Bitrate(kbps): 128
Audio Bitrate Type ("CBR" or "VBR"): CBR
Audio Channel Count (e.g. "2" for stereo): 2

This cam was dark to begin with but I did the best I could.
First I tried to remove as much of the flicker as possible without
destroying the quality of the video. Overall I think I sorted out
most of the flicker. Then I ran some temporal smoother, Chroma,
Brightness. Then I did a 2:1 High Quality reduction and resized
to a standard 16:9 display and resolution.

On the audio, all I did was run a highpass filter over it with
a 200khz cutoff. It came out nicely and cleaned up a lot of the
high end hiss which was aparent when the characters spoke.

Attention!: Please realize that this is a re-encode and by all means does
not claim to be better quality than the original. But, some believe
that the video can be made to look better than it's original by applying

If you do not like the quality of the release, then by all means
do not download... There is a sample on every one of my releases
for this very reason.

This is just a quick reference guide to anyone who wishes to
use this standard as a format for their releases.

TrueTS is simply a regular TS with a few special extra things.
TrueTS basically means that the TrueTS release is the best
version of that film until the DVDSCR or R5 are released.

Some people may say that this is a desecreation to the scene
or that there really is no purpose to this, well... I believe
that by having this TrueTS Format, people can look at it
with the confidence and quickness!!! that it is the truest and
best version of any film up until the release of a DVDSCR or R5.


Audio must be direct line audio, and the highest quality and
most complete audio at the release of your film. And, must
be properly sync'd to the video throughout the duration of
the film.

Video must include all of the film with no missing sections.
Camera must be stationary and the highest quality version
of the film at the release of your files. Colors must reflect
real life colors (Sky is blue, grass is green, etc.). And must
include any relevant english subtitles for any non-english
speaking parts.



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