Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition (2012) MULTI9-RePack by Tolyak26
PC | Language: ENG | MULTI9 | Release Date: Aug 24, 2012 | Publisher: Namco Bandai Games America | Developer: From Software | 2.41 Gb
Genre: Action/Role-Playing

Last year, Dark Souls was released on consoles. A towering achievement, its treacherous, interconnected realms offered some of the most absorbing exploration a game has ever conjured, and its intense and grueling combat made victory against even the most common enemies a source of gratification and relief. Now, this masterpiece has made its way to PC as the aptly titled Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. This version adds a few new areas, improves on the console versions in one sense, and falls a bit short of its console counterparts in another. But ultimately, this is the same incredible game that was released on consoles, and if you didn't have the option to play it then, you definitely shouldn't let this opportunity go unseized.

You are undead, struggling to fight your way through the realms of Lordran on a quest whose final purpose is anything but clear. Where many games burden you with plot and background lore, Dark Souls lets the places you go tell their own kind of story, one lost in time and shrouded in mystery. The stone ruins at Firelink Shrine, the overrun town known as the Undead Burg, the vast marble halls of Anor Londo--these all speak of a once-prosperous realm rich with history, and rather than spelling it out in detail, Dark Souls lets you wonder about what has dragged this land into its current state of miserable disrepair. Item descriptions and brief conversations with non-player characters occasionally illuminate the smallest aspects of Lordran's past, and over time, you may piece together a reasonably fleshed-out picture of the crisis that has befallen the land. But you needn't concern yourself with these details if they don't interest you. The wondrous realms of Lordran are sure to seduce you whether you care to know their history or not.

Darkroot Garden is so oppressively green that you can almost feel the air get warm and muggy around you. Running along the surreal shores of Ash Lake is like stepping into a dream. Locations like Anor Londo and the duke's archives fuse faded opulence with grand machinery in a way that's reminiscent of locations in the classic adventure game Myst, and like the realms of that game, these places have a way of staying in your head even when you're not playing. Terrific sound design is a huge factor in Dark Souls' ability to pull you in. Your steps echo convincingly in vast chambers. A heavy suit of armor clangs with every step you take. The strange noises a feared creature makes may send shivers up your spine before you even lay eyes on it.

Features repack:
Do not cut / no recoded
Optional installation DSFix 2.01
Game Version - 1.02
Installation time - about 15 minutes


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