Inspired by the movie of the same name in 1933 feedback was produced by the financial director Oscar-winning flowers for the three Lord of the Rings, King Kong has been launched by the advertisement ram ro. This is the adventure of a third person perspective and the first phase with the shooting, larger TB, export spectacular way.
The story opens in the context of filmmaker Carl Denham is sad because a studio rejected his proposal. Resolutely to complete his ideas, he was with the screenwriter Jack Driscoll with actress Ann Darrow made a beautiful journey to Island early long mystery. People here are rumors that the roof of an abandoned civilization has lost.

The ship carried to the island closed elect John thick fog screen space ... You'll have to circle the Pole line hardware eye witness fanciful world through a prism of Jack the guy steps down at the small boat with Denham, Ann and a few other sailors to proceed ashore. Wild sea it. Platform rocks rolling down the roaring sea, right under the boat baby, making the union does not know who fainted again.

At wakes up, Jack found himself lying on the beach, next to him is Ann, still beautiful as an angel. But do not know from where, a union monster appeared to him and he grabbed a weapon to protect themselves and their beauty. But in a careless time, two people were arrested and were tied going into a large timber prices. Suddenly appear roaring noise emanating from the nearby forests. Is King Kong. The orangutans huge progress to star rooms, snort a moment, then punched the chest and roar to a free landslide. King Kong chop girl running away from the forest. Fine's rescue journey began.

In fact, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic game, because the election is mineral working space, because there is no part of what any other on the screen can make you distracted from Monsters and landscape. You just may find of "blood" through the effects of red flashes on the screen when wounded. Meanwhile, gamers need to retreat or run away a bit to resuscitation. If the screen blink at but stick to a blow again, you will make death situation. Gamers can track bullets through the words of Jack. Every loader, he shouted that he would have enough; time when out, Jack will not forget "lu speakers" you know.

Players may only held a gun once, although you could fit into the backpack of weapons that monster fly. But note that Jack can only carry a limited quantity. This game is the mechanism for bullets quite reasonable. Captain of the ship flying around the island by seaplane to the drop of equipment, ammunition and medicines necessary for you to pick up. When ammunition is very limited or out clean, gamers can take advantage of the weapons scattered around to customize the response variables. If skillful use guns and replace the teacher marks the appropriate situations, players will never play for crisis care to all rounds.

Even if you can throw away education, feed or discharge of shotgun fire associated with primary export Tommy, Jack in the battle of King Kong always makes gamers happy. Weapons in the game can damage large and easy to hit the target. Not appear on the screen in flies and in fact you do not need it. Just weapon oriented toward a certain enemy, you can hit.

Gamers will really dizzy because of the bosses are extremely aggressive on the island early this ghiec g?m long. All creatures are the island to normal than you ever saw, and it also matched with the level of danger they caused. The giant lizard thunder, the children R?t to 30 meters long, scorpion Forum to object or move to flood the mouth ... that gutters and intelligent enemies most feared here. They will attack each Forum and you will always be sought haven. Maybe gamers should also keep in mind one thing that some enemies like the dinosaurs could not kill the tyrant and the only way is to disperse them by the flow of ammunition and try to get out. You'll feel like you are in search of an escape suffocation, not panic swept and wanted to run against run shot in vain to block a massive meat is to roar like the thunder.

Manufacturers also put into many problems puzzle game. Often you will have to find the handle to investigate the loss of the wooden pillars and then turn it to open a door or an engine burning fossil men to move distance. Gamers can rest assured because the mission does not take much more gray matter and not because you lost the level is relatively compact design. In addition, the PWD command the AI also proved agile, resourceful and they know you are going anywhere - you just follow the foot of them only.

When role-playing King Kong, you will feel an extreme adventure more enjoyable. This time, camera will switch to a more beautiful scenery. There are two things you must do his portrayal of the orangutans is a huge transition throughout the forest and beat the ugly beast. Control mechanism King Kong quite easily. For example a step to certain edges, press the button, the orangutans will jump from cliffs and cliff to another. It can cling to vines squeezed ??m drawing on rock edges and climb a tone technology. How to easily control will help you create the action as the nature of the agility of monkeys. Sometimes you will get the help of Ann or take advantage of her ability in the prize puzzle. Girl can stand in a convenient location and then release the arrow to fire workers dusty nhui obstacles are blocking your way.

90% of the game scene takes place on long island early, but when Kong is captured and brought to New York City in the end, you will see a crazy rage on the streets. However, the more change in the game scene is not very clear, such as why the film crew went to long island early, why Jack completely disappeared from the circuit after leaving the island story ...