CryOf Fear v1.4 (2012/MULTi2)
Year: 2012 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Team Psykskallar | Publisher: Team Psykskallar | 1.37 GB
Genre: Action
You wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What happened to you? You begin to search for the truth and answers. However, the fear and darkness make your heart beat more often. Where are "they"? What happened? Are you mad? All you can no longer sit still. It's time to go searching for answers. Cry Of Fear is a single modification for Half-Life 1, which inspire fear in you. It is a complete conversion of Half-Life 1. The entire game is made ​​by the developers of the mod. Also, the mod uses a new style of game that you rarely find other modes, such as embedded videos, and more.
Cry of fear - Modification for Half-life which is a complete remake (models, sounds, textures it.d. absolutely new, and not copied from Half-life 1) in the genre of survival horror.
The developers are modifying Team Psykskallar (Two members of this team are also working in DICE) who also developed such a fashion as: Resident Evil: Cold Blood, Afraid of Monsters and the Afraid of Monsters: Director's cut.
The game has single player campaign where you have to assume the role of Simona. He awoke in a dark alley not knowing what happened to missing persons and where there were monsters. The player will learn the answers to these questions, as well as solve puzzles, shoot the monsters and explore Stockholm and its surroundings.
The game also features co-op mode for 4 players. In the cooperative will have its own storyline, and, despite the fact that the location will be the same as you play them will be in a different order (start from the end and go to the top of the single-player campaign), and there will be other weather effects.
The game will be multiple endings for both campaigns, as well as a large number of secrets that open during and after the passing game. These are clothes for your character, body armor, as well as developer comments on the similarity of those that are in the games from Valve.
Features repack:
• Do not cut / no recoded
• Installation of ~ 5 min (free from extraneous requests disk)
• Version update: 1.4
• There is a crack from Qwertyus & Psycho-A (version 1.4.1)
• Author repack: z0x
07/09/2012: Updated, installed patch 1.4, crack updated to version 1.4.1, installed Russian version of the company: "The Hole", "SDK Campaign", "Out of It", "Sick Nightmare". Pumped full! Only run with a shortcut on your desktop! 01/06/2012: Updated torrent, reduced size of the installer, installed patch 1.35 and crack updated to version 1.35.1 Pumped full! 03/28/2012: Updated torrent Patch 1.2 installed and updated to version 1.3 crack Pumped completely! For help create a repack would like to thank the members and alandriaev nike13rus
System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 Hz
Memory: 512 MW
Video: 128 MW DirectX 9.0c Compartible

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