Battlestations Pacific v1.2 MAC OSX-FAM
Year: 2011 | MAC | English | Developer: Eidos Hungary KFT | Publisher: Feral Interactive | 6.04GB
Genre: Action, Simulation

Battle your way to victory on land, sea and air in this unique combination of action and strategy. Relive the key battles of the Pacific by leading the US forces from the Battle of Midway to Okinawa or else take command on the Imperial Japanese forces and change the course of World War II by destroying Pearl Harbor and expanding the Empire of the Sun across the ocean to Hawaii. Battlestations Pacific strikes a fine balance between the advanced tactics required to command entire battles and the adrenaline-pumping action of air and naval combat. It is an accessible, well-rounded and substantially improved sequel to Battlestations Midway.


2 huge single-player campaigns, US and Japanese comprising 14 missions each
Command and take direct control of over 100 air, sea and undersea units, from fighters, bombers and kamikaze planes to cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines and prototype jets.
5 customizable mutiplayer modes allow players to take part in massive and thrilling online battles.
Island capture, Siege, Competitive, Duel, Escort
Superb new graphics engine with a new level of visual realism that shows off the attention to detail.Switch between active units at will.
Endless replay value.