Codename Panzers Cold War MULTi2-FAM
Year: 09.11.2011 | PC Game | English l Developer: Stormregion l Publisher: Atari l 3.6 GB
Genre: Real Time Strategy

Amajor armed conflict is brewing between the Western powers and theSoviet bloc. The Red Army has been growing ever stronger since the endof World War II. With the growth of their army the Soviets realize thatthey hold the advantage, and are only waiting for the right moment toattack. That moment arrives with the Tempelhof Incident: the near-fatalcollision of a US cargo plane and a Soviet fighter over Berlins mainairfield. A fatal combination of coincidence and human error, there isno point in arguing what went wrong, no point in asking who pulled thetrigger first and who fired on whom in return.

The Incident wentdown in history as fatal. Within 12 hours of the crash the groundbeneath the German capital is shaking with the salvoes of a war nevermeant to be: a conflict between former allies over Europe and globalsupremacy. In this game the worst comes true, and it may just change thefate of the free world? forever! WWII is now just a memory " but theCold War has just begun¦


* Authentic Cold War? era
* Variable squads with powerful squad leaders, capable of easilytaking on any kind of enemy, providing a gameplay more balanced and funthan ever!
* Personalisable units with visible function upgrades
* Unique building combat system " buildings can be destroyed or occupied to gain an advantage
* Fascinating storyline which follows the personal fates of both familiar Codename Panzers heroes and brand new ones alike
* Detailed movie-like? world simulation: a truly alive? world inwhich each and every single unit possesses its own AI and reacts to theplayers actions accordingly
* Single player campaign with 18exciting missions. Your goal is to save the world and help NATO to stopthe Soviets, yet occasionally you will end up changing sides to findyourself in Russia, helping out the KGB and much more¦

Recommended Requirements:
OS:Windows XP SP2/Vista
CPU:Intel Core2 Duo 1.8 GHz
Video:GeForce 6800, ATI Radeon X800
VideoRAM:256 MB
DirectX[img]images/smilies/biggrin.png[/img]irectX 9.0