The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition v.4.1.1 -FAM
Year: 2009-2011 | PC | Eng, Rus | Developer: The Sims Division | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 16.4 Gb
Genre: God Sim / Business / Pets / Simulation
Playing The Sims allows you to monitor and organize the lives of citizens SimCity in all its diversity. Create a computer character. Build him a house, decorate it with furniture, garden grow. Know your neighbors. Send a job, learn how to earn money. Build character. In short, make a man of him. By itself, of course, he and a finger does not hit. You will have to guide his every step, gradually raising it to a full-fledged member of society.

The Sims 3
Life Without Limits!
In reality, each person is given only one life. But with the help of The Sims 3, this restriction can be removed! You decide - where, how and with whom they live, what to do, what to decorate and equip your home. The Sims 3 - is a unique simulator of life, have, and multiply all the best from previous episodes of the legendary series.
The third part is erasing borders and destroys convention! If before the whole world seems divided into separate enclosed areas, but now he is one and is huge. Imagine that many years you lived in a large, cozy, but still the house, then suddenly opened the door to the street. The Sims 3 offers you the city the next generation - a bright, beautiful and full of incredible surprises. Step into it, and virtual media shine!

The Sims 3: World Adventures
An exotic journey
in the big city has many interesting things, but how much fun either dormant its streets, sooner or later you will want to change the situation. How do I do? Nothing could be easier. «The Sims 3 World Adventure!" Is more than quench the thirst for new experiences, as an addition to the original The Sims 3 will open up your characters a huge, bright, lively world!
Pack your bags and go on a journey. You will find a spirit impregnated and unusual culture of the East China city of Shang-Simla, mysterious Egyptian Al-Simara with ancient pyramids and surrounded by the smell of fine perfume french les Champs Sim. Wherever you go, will not be bored. Meet the culture of other nations, sightseeing, learn new skills and perform non-trivial task. Your heroes happen to personally launch fireworks, crush grapes for wine and practicing martial arts techniques. But be careful, because an exotic journey - it is always a risk! In the ancient tombs of pilgrims waiting for the trap, and the mummies are not welcome guests ...

The Sims 3: Career
Now, in the virtual world of The Sims 3 people can choose something for everyone and make a career in any field, perhaps even realizing a cherished dream. Becoming a doctor to save lives of patients in the hospital or make home visits. As part of the fire brigade bravely fight the fire element ... and maybe at the same time an ax to shatter home objectionable citizens. Choosing the profession of private detective, to solve crimes, interrogating witnesses and even arranging surveillance of suspects.
With the addition of "The Sims 3: Career" you will also be available a new town - Twinbrook

The Sims 3: Catalog - Modern Luxury
A modern and trendy style of your characters
Turn the home of his characters in a luxurious and stylish apartments. Change rooms will help you drastically expensive and high-tech items - for example, computer latest model, modern living room furniture, fancy console for video games! Refreshing the design of the house, go to the wardrobe. Enjoy stylish and elegant character clothing. Let your players are up to date and the latest demands of fashion, and «The Sims 3 Modern Luxury Products" will help them to learn a new lifestyle!

* Arrange furniture contemporary living room, study, game room and patio.
* Turn the home of his characters in a luxurious and stylish apartments with elegant sofas, elegant tables and abstract paintings.
* Enjoy wards novelties, including the ultra-thin TVs, video game consoles and more.
* Replenish wardrobe evening dresses, classic suits and luxurious linens.
* Gift for an anniversary! A special set for the 10th anniversary of the favorite subjects include game The Sims and The Sims 2: vibrokrovat headboard with heart-shaped, electric guitar and an aquarium.

The Sims 3: Catalog - Fast Lane
Make a gift to the virtual ward with a new directory "Fast Lane."
When the pace of life rolls over, there's nothing like a new car. Now, however, your characters can not just buy a wonderful four-wheel friend, but also become a real car enthusiasts. Build a great garage, decorate the house in an appropriate style, change your clothes - even the neighbors die of envy.

The Sims 3: In the Twilight
«The Sims 3 Late Night" will give players the opportunity to immerse your head in the nightlife of the city - visit the cool clubs, rubbing around celebrities and movie stars on incendiary parties, sit at the bar after work, to shake the audience the performance of their own group, splash in the jacuzzi and find out what lurking in the dark when the sun sets and dusk city streets adventures begin.
Characters will be able to explore a new city center, where they get a chance to become a local celebrity, a bartender, director of the film or to establish a musical group. To get the most elite clubs will have to try - to become famous in any activity or to find a way to get a list of invited guests. Otherwise, you will expose the club bouncers heartless. If you attract new friends, relax at the bar, arrange a party at a club or if you want thrills, find out a terrible secret - how to become a vampire.
You can start a new interesting career, to paint the night city in a bloody color or throw a party on the roof of the penthouse. Depends on the players, what stories will be in The Sims 3, when the city dropped the twilight.

The Sims 3: Products - Camping
The holiday begins! Everything you need to spend time in nature and stylish with all amenities at your disposal in the catalog of The Sims 3: Camping. You can get the latest model of whirlpool, summer kitchen with built-in grill, complete with everything needed for cooking classes, a brazier, and many other useful items! Choose one of two new styles: "Garden Terrace" boasts elegant wrought-iron objects, and "Sunset on the Veranda" - decorated in warm and cozy colors. Dress up a new way: choose the most convenient costume for a picnic or an elegant dress for a romantic night under the stars.

The Sims 3: All ages
Let your players live a full and rich life! "The Sims 3 All Ages" gives your characters new festivals, new exciting events in the life and new opportunities to demonstrate their abilities! Let your players live a full and rich life! From the beginning, you will find a world of children's fantasy, then - the tumultuous experiences of a teenager, and then - full of entangled relationships adulthood. Rate each stage of the charm! New interests and occupations of your characters will make life bright and full. "The Sims 3 All Ages" gives your characters new festivals, new exciting events in the life and new opportunities for their talents!

The Sims 3: Directory - City Life
The directory «Sims 3: Urban Life," features dozens of kinds of objects. New facilities and buildings will change the face of the city, and interior - the design house of characters. Open a new plush library, exclusive gym, or a cozy cafe, build a great playground, laundry room in the house Organize a modern washing machine and large dryer.
The directory «Sims 3: City Life" is all that is needed in order to make the life of the characters more comfortable, but also significantly expand the list of interesting and pleasant places for recreation and socializing.

The Sims 3: Pets
For the first time in history a series of The Sims 3 players will be able not just to get a pet, but just "get into their skin" by taking control of pets in their own hands. Looking at the world in terms of our younger brothers, players will learn quite a few curious and, of course, discover new secrets of the city and its inhabitants.
Undeniably, «The Sims 3 Pets" life in the virtual world of media shine.