Genre: Action
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Volition
Size: 8.47GB


In Saints Row: The Third,fame and fortune come at a bittersweet price for the kings of Stilwater.Faced with serious demands from the legendary criminal fraternity, theSyndicate, the Saints must hit the streets of Steelport to trample theirnew rivals — and defend their status. Get ready for intense action,grueling gang violence and outlandish situations to spare as you take ona decaying city of sin in an all-new battle with the Saints. Buckle upand take a massive tank on a wild ride — through the sky. Duke it outagainst trained military forces and call in a strategic airstrike on aMexican wrestling gang. With grit and guts galore, you and your gangwill never kneel to an enemy. After all, just because you’re a Saintdoesn’t mean you have to behave

  • Return to the streets of Stilwater and discover how fame and fortuneas the kings of the town has affected the Saints ? for the better andfor the worse
  • Take the fight to Steelport, a struggling city of sin where you must battle it out with the dangerous Syndicate gang
  • Get some serious air while driving a massive tank ? right through the sky
  • Take on a Mexican wrestling gang in a satellite-targeted airstrike
  • Defend yourself against a highly trained military force in an incredibly outlandish scenario