Fallout: New Vegas - DLC Collection (Update7)-FAM
Year: 2011 |Eng, Rus | PC | Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | 1.33 GB
Genre: Action / RPG / 3D

The new head of the cult role-playing series, which the unfolding events in the world, post-nuclear war. Welcome to New Vegas - a city of dreamers and hunters for good luck. Three groups are ruthless struggle for control of this oasis in the post-apocalyptic desert. Those who are well armed and knows what he wants, is quickly become famous, but end up being a lot of enemies.

Description of amendments:
- Dead Money
Action is Dead Money in the Sierra Madre - an extravagant luxury casino, which was to become the greatest in all the west, but never opened. Bombs fell before the inauguration, and the Sierra Madre froze in time, tightly locked security systems. Nothing can get inside and none of the visitors could not get out. After many years of air conditioning systems inside the building began to release toxins into the surrounding city, gradually filling the territory of the clouds and mist, injure or kill anyone who tried to explore the city. Only a mysterious group called the Ghost People can survive in the Cloud and consider the city their home. Dressed in something like protective suits, they never talk to their victims, who grabbed and drags alive in the bowels of the city, in the depth of clouds.
- Honest Hearts
Honest Heart - This is the second add-on for Fallout New Vegas, where we will go into the wilderness national park in Utah, called Zion, the circumstances of taking a bad turn when the character attacks on the caravan group of bandits. When trying to find my way back to the Mojave Desert, our hero is embroiled in a war between the warring tribes, the missionaries of New Canaan and a mysterious man burned (Burned Man). Action hero will affect the fate of Zion.
- Old World Bluses
In the Old World Blues hero becomes a guinea pig in a terrible experiment. Now gamers will be competing with maniacal scientists or accession to create more mutants. The game will be new enemies, such as robot radscorpions. Unlike other extensions, Old World Blues will allow players to preserve their accomplishments from the previous parts of the game.
- Lonesome Road
This addon will return us back to where it all began. As you know, Courier was not the only one who was given the task to deliver the platinum chip. The history of this add-on will bring us to Ulysses, another courier, who must answer to our questions. But for this we have to go to the area wasteland, completely destroyed by earthquakes and storms - the Great Rift. But all is not as easy as it seems at first glance - after all, Courier will be involved in the war remains the Army and the Legion of NKR which in turn will use the technology, remnants of the old world in its opposition to the land - a life and death ...
- Gun Runner's Arcenal
Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC includes: optimized ammunition Small Energy Cell, Micro Fusion Cell, Electron Charge Pack and Flamer Fuel, providing 30% more damage, a high degree of penetration, while weighing less and causing a little more damage weapons. These munitions require Vigilant Recycler. There will also be available to perk Mad Bomber and unique types of weapons: Tin Grenade, Fat Mine and Nuka-Grenade; GRA Laser Pistol and Plasma Pistol; Cleansing Flame and MF Hyperbreeder Alpha; Sprtel-Wood 9700 and The Smitty Special.
- Courier's Stash
Courier's Stash - Collection 4 additions, previously available only to pre-order: "Caravan Pack", "Classic Pack", "Mercenary Pack", and "Tribal Pack".

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz (or equivalent)
- Memory: 2 GB
- Video: 320 MB (GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon 3850)
- Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
- Free space on hard disk: 3.5 GB

Additional Information:
- The release includes an upgrade to version (Update7), which allows ustanavlivatsya on any version of the game.
- Crack used in this release - from ModGames the-thing and the latest versions, as well as an updated version of the translation of the main game's version (Update7)
- Optional installation Tabletka (SKIDROW) and Russified launcher.

- Install the game (suitable raspakovanaya in Phoenix or any repak) Russian and English versions
- Install this package add-ons (in the installer, specify the path to the folder where you installed the original game)
- Play!

- If you have previously installed on Crack LDK - remove them prior to installation to avoid conflicts in the game.
- In the launcher, the tab (Data Files), check whether the checkbox marked installed add-on.