Star Trek : Klingon Academy (Full ISO/2000)-FAM
PC | 2000 | Developer & Publisher : 14 Degrees East | 3.77 GB
Genre : Simulation

The game begins with an opening cinematic depicting General Changs defeat of Kalnors coup, by challenging him to a blood duel that will settle the matter in personal combat. Chang loses an eye to Kalnor before killing him, explaining his eyepatch in his motion picture appearance. The narrative then continues with cadet Torlek, who reflects upon his invitation to the Elite Command Academy and his desire to honor his father through his success, as the first class begins. General Chang begins each session with a personal address to his students, explaining the natures of honor, loyalty, duty, and how a warrior may live by these virtues in combat, before continuing onto the days strategy lesson and mission briefing.

The Academy term consists entirely of a hypothetical war with the Federation. Starting with a blitzkrieg, the war shifts deeper into Federation space, leaving behind many a failed Academy cadet. Torlek exhibits exceptional leadership skills and tactical acumen during these trials, all within the overall strategy of exploiting the weaknesses inherent in the Federations greatest strength diplomacy which renders the enemy a brittle unity in Changs eyes. He also proves his loyalty and reliability to Chang during two real world espionage missions against Kalnors half brother Melkor. During one simulation, a Klingon version of Starfleet Academys Kobayashi Maru scenario tests Torleks resolve in the face of a situation where either duty or honor can prevail, but not both. Ultimately, his conviction in his decision earns high praise from Chang. Another trial pits him against a simulation of Captain Sulu (voiced by George Takei) aboard the USS Excelsior, and his performance against the famed Starfleet officer is commendable. The war ends on Earths doorstep, as the Federations response to the diversionary blitzkrieg and to its diplomatic weakness leads to conflict within the Sol system itself and the unleashing of one of humanitys greatest scientific achievements (Project Genesis) of mass destruction on Earth itself. During this final simulation, Torlek destroys the Starship Enterprise under James T. Kirks command, an incredible accomplishment even in a training scenario. Torlek graduates from the Elite Command Academy with top honors, but is not assigned a command as his fellow cadets have been.

Just as the Academy term ends, Chancellor Lorak dies. Gorkon, at this time Chief of Staff and the legitimate successor to the chancellorship, is blocked by Melkor, who gathers a large fleet and plunges the Empire into a civil war that none other before or after in Klingon history was as devastating in his attempt to resurrect the long defunct Emperorship. Gorkons pacifist leanings are well known and General Chang, believing a war with the Federation to be inevitable, refuses to back him. Chang recruits allies of his own to become a small but formidable third faction in the civil war, including Academy instructor Thok Mak (as his Theater Operations Controller). As the greatest and most trusted student of the recent term (and, later on, the finest one ever taught by the General), Torlek is also recruited by Chang to be a senior field captain.

CPU Type: Pentium II
CPU Speed in MHz: 233 MHz
Hard Drive Space: 500MB
Sound Card: DirectX certified
CD Drive Speed: 12X
Video Card: 3D accelerator card
Video RAM in MB: 8MB
Compatible Devices: mouse, keyboard, joystick
Software (DirectX 5.0, etc.): DirectX 7.0
Modem Speed: 56.6 Kbps

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