Borderzone (2006)-FAM
Language: English
PC Games | Team: RELOADED | Publisher: 1C | Developer: Saturn+ | ISO | 1.68 GB
Genre: Action Role-Playing

BorderZoneis a role-playing action with a complex non-linear storyline in whichthe player can choose a profession to his liking (mage, thief orsoldier), learn the needed skills and spells, create a team of up to 5dare-devils and leave for a trip full of danger and unexpecteddiscoveries in the world of Terra filled with various creatures.

Terrawas born at the moment when the old Earth passed away. Due to a globalnuclear catastrophe many regions of the planet became unsuitable forliving and most of the population was atomized. A new world was created -a world where magic and technology adjoin and people are not the onlyintelligent race at all. After several millenniums the inhabitants ofTerra are facing a new threat. Gods come down from heavens and startspreading death and destruction on the planet. You are to enter aviolent struggle and you are the one on whom depends the fate ofhumanity.