Knights of the Force (2008-2011/Multi2)-FAM
Year: 2008-2011 | PC | Eng,Rus,Ger,Tur,Fre | Developer: Lucas Arts & Osman Gunyaz | Publisher: Lucas Arts | 4.25 Gb
Genre: Action

Knightsof the Force, a tour of the world 6 episodes of Star Wars. In otherwords, you will visit the Trade Federation cruiser, will take revengefor Qui-Gons face off against Darth Vader in 5-6 episodes, and feel acombat situation in the battle of Endor or the Death Star, played themost epic, dynamic and beautiful fights of 1 - 3 episodes, and evenoverthrow the Emperor himself ... So what is KotF

Single Gameincludes: mission six episodes, the Academy with new characters andhandles free game mode (where you want the characters was setting deviceand fight the century).

Multiplayer includes: a standardmultiplayer game engine to JA with new maps, characters and handles (newupdate), RPG KotF, KotF Force Mod III, KotF JA +.

You only need one thing: to enjoy the game

Extras. Information:

KotFis a game made on the engine, JA. And even though it only works with JA(he placed the court), is a completely different game. KotF dividedinto 2 chasti.VAZhNO: there is only the first part! First published in2008. It includes 3 levels of the 6 episodes (level = (, but its asmuch as 13 missions o, the characters, handles, maps, improvednetworking and a single JA (current update o. The second is due out inmid-July (Yes, friends, in the middle of July! D. It has 37 levels(no, no, this is exactly what missions I do not know exactly for morethan 80 D, a small improvement in the characters of the first part, animproved menu system easier placement of bots, of course big bugscleaning, easily move from game to desktop and from the desktop to thegame (before, as now, was possible only through UU, everything willchange soon D and of course four different multiplayer games (which Ihave already referred to). But wait! I could not make a repeat ... (and Icould not). We have forgotten the main thing! Addons! Here are all theofficial add-ons to KotF, which were included in the collectors edition(each of whom will enjoy the game, I advise you to buy it). Of course,Ill add a few words about the crack: in places it does not work(because of the add-ons), sometimes it is simply irresistible (forexample, descriptions of characters, one and all in Russian, you canlearn about the main characters of my favorite galaxy in half an hour),but main drawback - the sloppy translation, a vivid example ofdzhIday. But could not I forget about the most JA, because it isalso-designed game: After destroying the second Death Star war is notover, so youll have to still fight for peace in the new republic. Youhave to create your character and take part in the war. Youll be freeto choose goals that are most important to you (on the order of passingthe mission is changing the subject) you will be given the option tobecome a Sith or Jedi. Here is a list of all that the court include:
1. KotF: a game for 6 episodes.
2. JA: Game of war for the New Republic.
3. The Force Unleashed I: Dark Lord Hunt: Lead an army of Darth Vader and the behavior at Kashik it to victory.
4.The Force Unleashed The Complete Saga: TFU pass the original on thebasis of JA. Nice fights and challenging levels are waiting for you.
5.The Rise of the Dark Side: here youre playing for the Lord Feosa, noone invented by the Sith, who rule the galaxy. (And he personifies Tim(
6. The Revenge of the Sith: Episode 3. Personally, I see no point in it, because the same will be 40 levels in 6 episodes ^ ^
7. Order 66: here you have to do the will of the Emperor to kill all the Jedi. So fulfill the same order 66.
8. Escape from Mustafar: Obi-Wan defeated in battle, but won the war. You will have a long mission (imenno! MISSION: DDD)
9.Life of Jedi: you never want to live life the Jedi Dreams Come True!Start Padawan, Jedi Master and finish. Force is always with you!
10.Ultra War: Imagine this: during the second episode, Anakin turned to thedark side! .. Times have changed, before the war began.
11. Crack.

System requirements:
Pentium 3 800 MHz or equivalent AMD
32 MB Video
DirectX 9

Installing the game:

1. Mount the file JK JA 1.ISO and JK JA 2.ISO.
2. Set JA.
3.The file KotF.exe need to run - will be installed. IMPORTANT:windsurfing at the seventh session on the need to install Admin.
4. Then you can install in any order, add-ons. IMPORTANT: RotD Patch.exe need to ENG was language in the expansion RotD.
5.Hints to put it in the KotF Jedi Academy Expansion Pack / Gamedata /KnightsoftheForce / base. After that, you have the Russian language D:IMPORTANT: the confusion with the language on the European servers,there may be English words in a single game, (after installing theadd-ons), there are errors with the fonts in the addons (its ugly crackin the second kollektsionke it will be more new )
6. Next, we mount the file ja_image.iso, located in the folder Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy.
7. Enjoy!
8. And be with you for strength! (If you have any problems, then write in the subject)