Severance Blade Of Darkness (PC/MULTI3/EN/FR/IT) -FAM
Severance: Blade of Darkness is a 2001 3D fighting third-person PC action-adventure game created by (the now defunct) Rebel Act Studios and published by Codemasters. The original subtitle in direct translation from Spanish is Blade: The Edge of Darkness. Unfortunately, there was a TV show with the same title in the USA so the US publisher changed the subtitle to Blade of Darkness and the same label was pressed on the European copies as well, even though no sword of this exact name featured in the game.

Blade of Darkness is a hack-and-slash third-person action game in which you can play as one of four different warriors, all of whom must do bloody battle with assorted forces of evil. The game follows in the tradition of similar fantasy-themed 3D action games that feature violent melee combat, such as Die by the Sword, Heretic II, Drakan, and, most recently, Rune. Blade of Darkness distinguishes itself from the rest of these with its selection of different characters, its motion-captured character animation, and its gore effects and lighting effects. It’s got some problems and takes some time to get into, but it should otherwise appeal to players who’ve enjoyed previous hack-and-slash action games, or those who like the idea of them.
Created by Spanish developer Rebel Act Studios, Blade of Darkness has an immediately recognizable, rather unremarkable fantasy premise–just swords, sorcery, and the like. The setting and characters in the game aren’t very distinctive, though they’re still pretty fun. At the beginning of the game, you choose whom you want to play as: Tukaram, a heavily tattooed barbarian warrior; Naglfar, a burly dwarf; Sargon, a venerable knight; and Zoe, a lithe huntress. These characters look different from each other, have different preferences of weapons, and have different strengths and weaknesses in terms of power, agility, and defense. However, you control the characters in exactly the same way, and they really don’t play that much differently from one another when you get down to it. The main difference is, depending on which character you choose, you’ll end up relying on different types of weapons. And, each character takes a different course through the game.

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