Tekken 5 (PC/ENG)
Release: Feb 24, 2005 | PC | English | Developer: NAMCO | Publisher: NAMCO | 4.18 Gb
Genre: Action / Fighting

The game comes in the same place finishes the previous: the Heyhati and Kazuo unexpectedly attacked by an army G-corporation. however, the beginning you can watch yourself in the video. however, in spite of that tournament, "Iron Fist" is continuing, although it is not clear who heads the corporation now. The game added 3 new fighters, each with its own history. The game has destructible objects, juggle-combo-word, the best of Tekken 4 was transferred to the fifth segment. Any of the characters in the game is unique not only in appearance but also the style of combat - including some friends from previous versions of the game fighters, new shocks and opportunities. In addition to the traditional fights, Tekken 5 for the first time is an adventure mode, which revealed important details of the plot.

-A lot of unique players with different parameters of any power, speed, style duel.
During the passage, you can open new players to earn money and buy them new things and techniques of his hero.
-Great graphics and realistic animation.
-Mode "adventure" in which raskrivayutsya necessary details of the plot.
- Iso image of the game Tekken 5 (ENG, NTSC)
- The latest version of the emulator PCSX2
- Screenshots emulator settings

Extras. Information: The quality of emulation game is excellent, speed is never below 50 fps. The rate of stealing will be shown wrong (at 60 fps of real is about 40) but much higher than without it. The menu and load levels is desirable to include a limit, and disable the arena, as the game may hang for stealing from the menu.

If you put in the game's native resolution, then there will be vertical stripes. Way out is to plant native resolution, or one of the following - 800hHHHH, or 1020hHHHH 1260hHHHH.

Tekken 5 (PC/ENG)
System requirements:
* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Athlon x2 minimum
Memory: 2 GB
Video: GeForce 8 Series graphics card, Radeon 4670 1GB
Sound: sound card compatible with DirectX 9

Screen shot

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