Imperium Romanum Emperor Expansion

Imperium Romanum Emperor Expansion - ENiGMA (Full ISO/2008)
PC | 2008 | Publisher: SouthPeak Games | Developer: Haemimont | 466 MB
Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion is an add-on for Imperium Romanum. It features four new campaigns with overall 19 unrelated missions. It also brings two new features on the table: Now the player can associate a god with his city which gives certain bonuses, e.g. extinguishing fires faster, and optionally play with randomly assigned tasks instead of fixed ones. To motivate the player even further this expansion also adds an achievement system.

A sequel to the 2006 game Glory of the Roman Empire, Imperium Romanum takes players back to the City of Seven Hills for another round of in-depth empire-building. Strategists begin as the governor of a Roman province, which they must then mold into a successful settlement through physical expansion, military might, and diplomatic relations. Players will be able to expand their city using bridges, forts, walls, and towers, and the new "settlers" resource allows for multiple paths to settlement growth. Gamers looking to flex their military muscles now have the ability to control armies in battle, fight with new units like mounted knights, build siege machines, and clash with a second type of barbarian. Economic and diplomatic factors have also been enhanced thanks to new trade mechanics, the effects of crime on city growth, and the introduction of an in-game currency.

Those looking to re-create the past can try Imperium Romanum's History Mode, which presents players with a timeline and missions based on historical events. Actual buildings from the era are also available, so players can visit Circus Maximus, as well as real theatres, stables, and schools. Gamers looking to build Rome in a day can also try out the interactive mission mode, which allows players to activate goals whenever they wish. All empires collapse though, so players must be prepared for natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, drought, and volcanoes, not to mention the omnipresent threat of barbarians at the gate.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Pentium or AMD 1.7GHz Processor
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX 9 GeForce 3/Radeon 9550 Video Card
Pentium 4/Athlon 2.0GHz Processor
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX 9 GeForce 6600GT Video Card
8X DVD-ROM Drive

1- Unrar.
2- Mount or burn.
3- Install.
4- Play.
5- Enjoy!