Highly Excited Molecules. Relaxation, Reaction, and Structure By Amy S. Mullin and George C. Schatz (Eds.)
1997 | 335 Pages | ISBN: 0841235341 | PDF | 28 MB

Content: Dynamics of highly excited states in chemistry : an overview Amy S. Mullin and George C. Schatz / Filter diagonalization : a general approach for calculating high-energy eigenstates and eigenfunctions and for extracting frequencies from a general signal / Daniel Neuhauser Spectral analysis of the HO₂ molecule / Jörg Main, Christof Jung, and Howard S. Taylor The multiresonant Hamiltonian model and polyad quantum numbers for highly excited vibrational states / William F. Polik and J. Ruud van Ommen Time scales and mechanisms of intramolecular energy redistribution / David S. Perry Intramolecular dynamics diffusion theory : nonstatistical unimolecular reaction rates / Dmitrii V. Shalashilin and Donald L. Thompson Photodissociation of ozone at 276 nm by photofragment imaging and high-resolution photofragment translational spectroscopy / D.A. Blunt and A.G. Suits Unimolecular decay of azabenzene : a mechanistic model based on pyrazine's photoreactive relaxation pathways / James D. Chesko and Yuan T. Lee Nonbonding interactions of the boron atom in the excited 2sē3s ēS Rydberg and 2s2pē ēD valence states / Paul J. Dagdigian, Xin Yang, and Eunsook Hwang Infrared laser snapshots : vibrational, rotational, and translational energy probes of high-energy collision dynamics / George W. Flynn, Chris A. Michaels, H. Charles Tapalian, Zhen Lin, Eric T. Sevy, and Mark A. Muyskens Ab initio calculations of the interaction potentials of Ar-HCN and Ar-HCO / Jianxin Qi, Max Dyksterhouse, and Joel M. Bowman Infrared and collisional relaxation of highly vibrationally excited NO : applications of stimulated emission pumping in crossed and "uncrossed" molecular beams / Marcel Drabbels and Alec M. Wodtke A new method for measuring vibrational energy distributions of polyatomics / Derek R. McDowell, Fei Wu, and R. Bruce Weisman Quantum scattering studies of collisional energy transfer from highly excited polyatomic molecules : collinear He + CS₂ at energies up to 92 kcal/mol / György Lendvay, George C. Schatz, and Toshiyuki Takayanagi Stalking the step-size distribution : a statistical-dynamical theory for large-molecule collisional energy transfer / John R. Barker Crossed-molecular-beam observations of vibrational energy transfer in only moderately excited glyoxal molecules / Samuel M. Clegg, Brian D. Gilbert, Shao-ping Lu, and Charles S. Parmenter The contribution of wide-angle motions to collisional energy transfer between benzene and argon / V. Bernshtein and I. Oref Collisional energy transfer of highly vibrationally excited molecules : the role of long-range interaction and intramolecular vibronic coupling / Hai-Lung Dai Simulations of energy transfer in the collision-induced dissociation of Al₆(Oh) clusters by rare-gas impact / W.L. Hase and P. de Sainte Claire Collision-induced dissociation of highly excited NO₂ in the gas phase and on MgO (100) surfaces / A. Sanov, D.W. Arnold, M. Korolik, H. Ferkel, C.R. Bieler, C. Capellos, C. Wittig, and Hanna Reisler Direct calculation of reactive thermal rate constants / Ward H. Thompson.

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