High-Temperature Properties and Applications of Polymeric Materials By Martin R. Tant, John W. Connell, and Hugh L. N. McManus (Eds.)
1995 | 259 Pages | ISBN: 0841233136 | PDF | 22 MB

Content: High-temperature properties and applications of polymeric materials : an overview / Martin R. Tant, Hugh L.N. McManus, and Martin E. Rogers Thermophysical properties of epoxy and phenolic composites / R.E. Taylor and R.H. Bogaard High-temperature stability of silicone polymers and related pressure-sensitive adhesives / Shaow B. Lin Testing materials at elevated temperatures using Moiré interferometry / Robert Czarnek Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy to probe free-volume effects in high-temperature polymers and composites / A.J. Hill Some models of material behavior during injection molding / M.R. Kamal, W. Frydrychowicz, and I. Ansari Advanced modeling of the generation and movement of gases within a decomposing polymer composite / Hugh L.N. McManus and David S. Tai The application of supercritical fluid technology to high-performance polymers / J.R. Lee and R.G. Kander Degradation kinetics of high-performance polymers and their composites / J.M. Kenny and L. Torre Monte Carlo simulation of polymer high-temperature degradation and fracture / N. Rapoport and A.A. Efros Novel high-performance thermosetting polymer matrix material systems / G.W. Meyer, S.J. Pak, Y.J. Lee, and J.E. McGrath Properties and potential applications of poly(arylene ether benzimidazole)s / J.W. Connell, J.G. Smith, Jr., and P.M. Hergenrother Synthesis and characterization of porous polyimide films for dielectric applications / O. Gain, G. Seytre, J. Garapon, J. Vallet, and B. Sillion Synthesis and characterization of melt-processible, high-molecular-weight poly(amide-imides) / V.N. Sekharipuram, I-Yuan Wan, S.S. Joardar, T.C. Ward, and J.E. McGrath / Metal salt-polymer composites : complexation of metal salts with the phosphorus-oxygen bond in poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide)s / E. Bonaplata, C.D. Smith, and J.E. McGrath Refractive indices of aromatic polyimides / David C. Rich, Peggy Cebe, and Anne K. St. Clair.

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