Herbicide Metabolites in Surface Water and Groundwater By M. T. Meyer and E. M. Thurman (Eds.)
1996 | 320 Pages | ISBN: 0841234051 | PDF | 29 MB

Content: Herbicide metabolites in surface water and groundwater : introduction and overview / E.M. Thurman and M.T. Meyer Coordinating supercritical fluid and solid-phase extraction with chromatographic and immunoassay analysis of herbicides / Martha J.M. Wells and G. Kim Stearman A high-performance liquid chromatography-based screening method for the analysis of atrazine, alachlor, and ten of their transformation products / Blaine R. Schroyer and Paul D. Capel Factors influencing the specificity and sensitivity of triazine immunoassays / Timothy S. Lawruk ... [et al.] Standardization of immunoassays for water and soil analysis / Bertold Hock ... [et al.] In situ derivatization-supercritical fluid extraction method for the determination of chlorophenoxy acid herbicides in soil samples / Viorica Lopez-Avila, Janet Benedicto, and Werner F. Beckert Application of in vivo fluorometry to determine soil mobility and soil adsorptivity of photosynthesis-inhibiting herbicides / Daisuke Yanase ... [et al.] Interactions between atrazine and smectite surfaces / David A. Laird Estimation of the potential for atrazine transport in a silt loam soil / David A.V. Eckhardt and R.J. Wagenet The effect of ammonia on atrazine sorption and transport / S.A. Clay ... [et al.] Fate of a symmetric and an asymmetric triazine herbicie in silt loam soils / W.C. Koskinen, J.S. Conn, and B.A. Sorenson Fate of atrazine and atrazine degradates in soils of Iowa / Ellen L. Kruger and Joel R. Coats Transport of nutrients and postemergence-applied herbicides in runoff from corrugation irrigation of wheat / A.J. Cessna ... [et al.] Potential movement of certain pesticides following application to golf courses / A.E. Smith and D.C. Bridges Relation of landscape position and irrigation to concentrations of alachlor, atrazine, and selected degradates in regolith in northeastern Nebraska / Ingrid M. Verstraeten ... [et al.] The environmental impact of pesticide degradates in groundwater / Michael R. Barrett Herbicide mobility and variation in agricultural runoff in the Beaver Creek watershed in Nebraska / Li Ma and Roy F. Spalding Monitoring pesticides and metabolites in surface water and groundwater in Spain / D. Barceló ... [et al.] Hydroxylated atrazine degradation products in a small Missouri stream / Robert N. Lerch ... [et al.] Assessment of herbicide transport and persistence in groundwater : a review / S.K. Widmer and Roy F. Spalding Cyanazine, atrazine, and their metabolites as geochemical indicators of contaminant transport in the Mississippi River / M.T. Meyer, E.M. Thurman, and D.A. Goolsby.

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